Premier Hamm Names New Cabinet

first_imgPremier John Hamm today, Aug. 15, announced the 14 MLAs who willjoin him in cabinet. The 15-member Executive Council will besworn in and assume office on Monday, Aug. 18. “This strong team will allow government to build on thefoundation of the past four years,” said Premier Hamm. “We arelooking to the future and we are ready to build something evenbetter.” Premier Hamm noted that the new political landscape in NovaScotia requires a team that understands the importance of co-operation. “Nova Scotia needs a team that is decisive in facing thechallenges of today and tomorrow and a team that will never losesight of the priorities of Nova Scotians,” Premier Hamm said. Notable additions to the new cabinet include a Minister ofAfrican Nova Scotian Affairs, a position that fulfills acommitment. The establishment of a minister responsible for HumanResources will allow government to build on the talents andexperience of the public service and enhance government’srelationships with public sector unions. “I believe that government should lead by example, developprogressive human resource policies that challenge our managersand unionized employees alike and recommit to our public sectorto make Nova Scotia a model for the rest of Canada,” said PremierHamm. In selecting his cabinet, Premier Hamm said he soughtrepresentation from across the province, a balance of MLAs with adiverse mix of personal experience and perspectives. “Our caucus is full of strong representatives, any of whom wouldmake outstanding ministers,” Premier Hamm said. “This is a teamfor all Nova Scotians, all regions, all communities.” As Premier, Mr. Hamm will also serve as President of theExecutive Council and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Hants West MLA Ron Russell, the most experienced member ofcabinet, will take on the duties of Deputy Premier, Minister ofTransportation and Public Works and Minister responsible for theInsurance Act. First elected to the legislature in 1978 and re-elected in each of seven successive elections, Mr. Russellpreviously held several cabinet posts, including Minister ofHealth, Consumer Affairs, Management Board, Solicitor General andLabour. He has been Speaker of the Nova Scotia legislature onthree separate occasions and was the first MLA elected Speaker byhis legislative peers. The Minister of Economic Development is Ernest Fage. A farmer,Mr. Fage was first elected as MLA for Cumberland North in a 1997byelection and re-elected in 1998, 1999 and 2003. He will alsotake on the responsibilities of Minister responsible for NovaScotia Business Incorporated. Michael Baker’s almost 20 years in the practice of law equips himwell for his responsibilities as Attorney General and Minister ofJustice. In addition to his law practice and extensive communityinvolvement, Mr. Baker is a former member of the Canadian HumanRights Tribunal and a former member of the board of directors ofMarine Atlantic. He was elected to the Nova Scotia legislature in1998 as MLA for Lunenburg and was re-elected in 1999 and 2003. Mr. Baker will also act as chair of Treasury and Policy Board,Minister responsible for the Human Rights Act and Minister ofAboriginal Affairs. Jamie Muir is the Minister of Education. Mr. Muir’s extensiveexperience in the field of education includes a term as formerprincipal of the Nova Scotia Teachers College, a faculty memberof the education department at St. Francis Xavier University and Director of Inspection Services for the Nova Scotia Department ofEducation and Inspector of Schools in the Cumberland, Colchesterand Hants East area. He is also the Minister responsible for theYouth Secretariat Act. The Minister of Finance is Bedford MLA Peter Christie. Acertified management accountant and a former mayor of Bedford,Mr. Christie was elected to the Nova Scotia legislature for thefirst time in 1999 and was re-elected in 2003. He has served asMinister of Community Services and Minister of Service NovaScotia and Municipal Relations. Rodney MacDonald continues on as Minister of Tourism and Cultureand Minister of Health Promotion. With an enlarged budget, theOffice of Health Promotion will carry on its efforts in areassuch as preventative health, wellness and addiction services. Mr.MacDonald also assumes responsibility for the Heritage PropertyAct and the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission. Mr.MacDonald is a teacher and a professional musician. The Minister of Health is Antigonish MLA Angus MacIsaac. Firstelected to represent the people of Guysborough in 1969, Mr.MacIsaac was re-elected in 1970. He returned to the Nova Scotialegislature in 1999, where he has served as Minister for ServiceNova Scotia and Municipal Relations and Minister of Education. He will also act as chair of the Senior Citizen’s Secretariat. Mr. MacIsaac is a former teacher. Kings South MLA David Morse remains in the position of Ministerof Community Services and Minister responsible for the DisabledPersons Commission. A former insurance broker, Mr. Morse wasfirst elected to the Nova Scotia legislature in 1999 and was re-elected this year. He has also served as Minister of Environmentand Labour. Cape Breton North MLA Cecil Clarke is Minister of Energy. Firstelected to the Nova Scotia legislature in a March 2001byelection, Mr. Clarke has extensive community involvement and isa former Minister of Economic Development. Queens MLA Kerry Morash is a new addition to the cabinet, takingup the post of Minister of Environment and Labour. He is also theMinister responsible for the Workers’ Compensation Act (exceptPart II) and assumes responsibility for the Utility and ReviewBoard. Mr. Morash is a Canadian Registered Safety Professionalwith almost two decades of experience as the safety co-ordinatorat Bowater Mersey. He was first elected to the Nova Scotialegislature in 1999 and was re-elected this year. He served asgovernment caucus chair in 2002-03. Hammonds Plains-Upper Sackville MLA Barry Barnet is the Ministerof Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, Ministerresponsible for the Residential Tenancies Act and assumes thenewly created position of Minister of African Nova ScotianAffairs. Lucasville, one of Nova Scotia’s most historic AfricanNova Scotian communities, is located in Mr. Barnet’sconstituency. A former Halifax Regional Municipality councilor,Mr. Barnet was first elected to the Nova Scotia legislature in1999. Richard Hurlburt, MLA for Yarmouth, is the Minister of NaturalResources. He is a businessman and was a long-time municipalcouncilor. Mr. Hurlburt was first elected to the Nova Scotialegislature in 1999. Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, the newly elected MLA for Lunenburg West,is Minister of Human Resources, Minister responsible for thePublic Service Commission and Minister responsible for theAdvisory Council on the Status of Women Act. A small businessowner, Ms. Bolivar-Getson has been a municipal councilor since1997. The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries is newly elected ArgyleMLA Chris d’Entremont. He is a former broadcaster and executiveassistant to former Finance Minister Neil LeBlanc. Mr.d’Entremont is also the Minister of Acadian Affairs, a role thatwill be especially important as Nova Scotia hosts the CongresMondial Acadien in 2004. Members of the Executive Council will be sworn into governmentduring a ceremony at Province House on Monday, Aug. 18. Thepublic is invited to attend.last_img read more