New And Improved Format For The City County Observer

first_img We’ve already mentioned to our readers that we will be taking a break the week of Thanksgiving. When we return, you will see some big changes to our site. We expect our new format will encourage more reader participation and also attract a broader range of support from advertisers.  After 15 years in the publishing business the City County Observer shall be taking a leap forward  to become a more informative publication.“Is It True” will no longer be a daily feature. It will be posted a couple of times (Tuesday and Thursday) a week. To access “Is It True” readers will have to follow a link that will be provided in the main section of our paper.. The same will be true for our “Readers Forum.”  In essence, we will segregate “Is It True” and the “Readers Forum” from the general readership.  Interested readers will have to put in an extra effort to access these posts.  Both sections shall be advertising free so the reading public understand that our advertisers have nothing to do with these sometimes controversial and politically charged sections.We will be featuring more national, state and local news and weekly positive profiles of community leaders, elected and appointed officials and promising future leaders of our area.  As advertising income permits we shall be attending City Council, County Commission, County Council and ERC meetings to do complete coverage of the decisions made by those public bodies. We also will be providing current “Video Streaming” of these meetings to keep you current on the political happenings at the Civic Center.In addition, we will be encouraging everyone to write their “Letters to the Editor,” giving us their ideas and opinions on issues that matter to them. Our new Society Editor will let you know about loved ones and friends’ birthdays and other celebratory events. We also shall be expanding our sports section.We have been hearing from a number of potential sponsors for a long time that they do not feel comfortable advertising in such a politically charged publication, but would like to reach our readers with news about the services and products they have to offer. That has motivated us to make the changes to the “IS IT TRUE” By becoming an off-shoot of the main part of the City-County Observer and none of our sponsors will be associated with the controversy sometimes caused by the question “IS IT TRUE”.  The “Good News” is that no one will be charged for accessing “IS IT TRUE” or “Readers Forum” or any other part of CCO,  and by having more advertisers for our site will help us to continue that practice.As we look to Thanksgiving, we want each and every reader to know that we are thankful to them for their continued support and for our chance to serving the Evansville area with positive and current news.We are looking forward to hearing what you think of the new and improved format of the City County Observer.  Also we encourage you to tell us how we can improve the CCO so it will have a more positive impact on our community.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more