England right at home: Graham

first_imgThe English squad is comprised of many players who have left the mother country to play a starring role in the NRL, but Graham said that wouldn’t be an issue heading into this weekend’s game against New Zealand. “Obviously a fair few of us are plying our trade over in Australia. That’s just football, isn’t it?” he said. “There are lads from other clubs that play against each other and stuff like that. It’s not really an issue. We all get on really well. Whether you play anywhere in Super League or anywhere in NRL, we all get on really well.”Five players made their international debuts in the 40-6 win over France last weekend, including Jonny Lomax, whose long road to recovery has left a lasting impression on Graham. The St Helens fullback suffered a serious head injury as a teenager which required emergency open skull surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Despite the nature of the injury, the 26-year-old has forged a stellar career in the Super League, and his exploits have struck a chord with Graham.  “[They’re settling in] really, really well actually,” the Bulldogs skipper said of the new faces in the English side. “One lad in particular I’m really pleased for is Jonny Lomax. If you look at the story, he’s had some injuries and some stuff before that when he was a bit younger. “I was so proud to be alongside him and to play with him on his first cap. I really, really can’t speak highly enough of that kid. I’m so pleased for him.”Graham suffered a head injury of his own on the weekend which forced from the field with 10 minutes to go and will need to prove his fitness ahead of Sunday’s game (AEST) against the Kiwis. He admitted to feeling “a bit sore” at the end of the match, but it appears more than likely that he will line up for England this weekend. The 31-year-old identified New Zealand’s monster forward pack as something England needed to stop, otherwise star Kiwis halfback Shaun Johnson would likely hurt them as he did in the epic 2013 World Cup semi-final. And while New Zealand’s threat is there for the world to see, Graham hopes home-ground advantage could serve as England’s secret weapon in a match that will likely see the winner advance to the Four Nations final. “We’re expecting a really tough Kiwi team,” he said. “They’re really strong through their middle forwards, and obviously Johnson off the back of that. It’s going to be tough for us. “We know they’re a quality side, but [I’m] really looking forward to playing at Huddersfield. [There’ll be a] full house, and it should be a great atmosphere. “I can’t wait to play on English soil. To play in front of friends and family is really important to me and something that I’ve really missed, so I can’t wait.”last_img read more

Wii U GamePad hacked to stream games from a PC

first_imgOne of the bright spots for the Wii U is its crazy, touchscreen-equipped GamePad. While it’s pretty cool to use on some Wii U games, just imagine how much cooler  it would be if you could actually stream content to it from your own PC.You might not have to imagine much longer: a pair of presenters at the 2013 Chaos Communications Congress have demonstrated Nvidia Shield-like streaming on a Wii U GamePad. Now you can see the fruits of their labor — that’s Wind Waker running on the GamePad and it’s being transmitted to the controller from a PC that’s running a ROM in the Dolphin emulator.This isn’t the same thing Chris Manning accomplished earlier this year. Manning figured out how to get the GamePad working as a PC controller with the help of some clever server software running on a desktop and the Wii U’s Internet Channel. (Skip to the 47 minute mark to see Wind Waker in action)The new hack involved completely reverse engineering the GamePad so that it could be “liberated” from the Wii U itself. [booto], [delroth], and [shuffle2] began by dumping the firmware from the chips in the GamePad.Doing that allowed them to figure out that the Wii U communicated using slightly obfuscated WPA2 encryption. Once they had established a connection, they then had to determine how content was being delivered.Unfortunately, Nintendo wasn’t using Miracast — something many assumed based on information from Nintendo’s launch event. Fortunately the protocols for audio, video, and input turned out to be relatively simple to crack.No, the GamePad isn’t the glorious high-resolution streaming handheld that the Nvidia Shield is… but if you already own a Wii U you may as well squeeze every drop of functionality out of it that you can, right? If you’re just looking for a way to play some of your favorite classics without being stuck in front of your desktop monitors, the GamePad’s 854 x 480 resolution will probably do just fine anyway.The trio’s now offering up an alpha version of libdrc, which they’ve released under a BSD license so that any developers who want to can quickly and easily integrated GamePad support in their applications.last_img read more