Oxford Vice-Chancellor is third highest paid in UK

first_imgThe Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Oxford University was the third highest paid Russell Group VC in 2015-16, new figures reveal.The total remuneration paid to the former VC Andrew Hamilton, and his successor Louise Richardson, who took over the post in January 2016, was £442,000.This sees an increase of one per cent on the previous year’s salary, but an overall decrease in the total earnings from £462,000—including pensions and benefits—which had made Hamilton the highest paid UK Vice-Chancellor in 2014-15, according to an earlier University and College Union (UCU) report.The Oxford UCU criticised the news, noting that staff at Oxford University have some of the highest levels of additional employment and work casualisation in the country.The figures were revealed in analysis by Times Higher Education (THE), which found that on average, leaders of the UK’s Russell Group universities take home almost six per cent more than they did two years ago.During the same period, university staff took a one per cent increase in pay, staging a two-day walkout in May.Oxford University was eager to point out that the increase in Richardson’s and Hamilton’s joint earnings for the 2015–2016 financial year, which amounted to £384,000, was in line with a pay rise for all University staff.A University spokesperson told Cherwell: “The Vice-Chancellor’s salary for the seven months to 31 July, 2016 was £204,000. She received no benefits. Pro-rata, the present VC’s salary represents a one per cent increase on her predecessor’s salary for 2014-15. This is in line with the one per cent pay rise received by all University staff.”Louise Richardson, who had previously served as the Vice-Chancellor at St Andrews University, became the Oxford VC on 1 January 2016, with a promise to “tackle elitism”.News of the nation-wide pay increase for Vice Chancellors has been criticised by the University and College Union (UCU).The President of the Oxford UCU branch, Dr Garrick Taylor, told Cherwell: “It has unfortunately come as no surprise that VC pay has again increased so much while university staff have seen consistent real terms pay cuts, as universities have being doing this year on year.“All over the country professional and academic staff in universities are struggling as rent and house prices go up but pay is depressed. The situation is even worse in Oxford, which has among the highest rent and house prices in the country, and we are increasingly seeing staff taking on additional employment on top of their already demanding roles. On top of this Oxford has amongst the highest level of university staff casualisation in the country, meaning a lack of job security on top of real terms pay cuts.“We hope that this year the universities will attempt to redress the balance and give staff an above inflation pay rise in the same manner that they have been giving their VCs.”However, the Russell Group Director General, Dr Wendy Piatt, defended the pay increases, telling THE that “many vice chancellors have accepted only very modest increases” and that pay levels were set by independent committees that include “expert representatives from outside the sector”.The Vice-Chancellor’s office has been contacted for comment.last_img read more

Vouchers for the delivery of food to citizens in isolation and the elderly, as one of the concrete solutions?

first_imgThe National Civil Protection Headquarters as we know it yesterday announced new measures to reduce the possibility of transmission and protection against the spread of coronavirus.  Vouchers for the delivery of food to citizens in isolation and the elderly, as one of the concrete solutions? Thus, as of today (next 30 days), a number of measures have come into force aimed at ensuring stricter measures of social distancing, in order to mitigate the possibility of the epidemic spreading. PROPOSAL OF THE NATIONAL CATERERS ‘ASSOCIATION: VOUCHERS FOR EVERYONE IN SELF-INSULATION AND THE ELDERLY But what exactly is it about and how would it work? Therefore, this measure will provide concrete assistance to at least one sector, ie catering facilities, and thus to the elderly and those in isolation. Also, many cities are currently trying to publish their measures to help the local economy, at least those measures that are under the jurisdiction of local governments, and in addition to various measures of deferral of payment, there is one specific measure that would really help in this situation help at least one sector – hospitality . Specifically, these are vouchers for food delivery to citizens in isolation and the elderly. Value vouchers would co-finance part of the bill up to HRK 20,00, and the difference would be paid by the clients, while caterers would create special offers up to HRK 30,40 and 50, the NUU suggests. Namely, last week the National Association of Caterers (NUU) proposed the introduction of vouchers for everyone in self-isolation, especially the elderly. Perhaps this is also an opportunity to ensure coffee delivery in the same way, although there is currently quite a bit of uncertainty as to what and how to act, in this case. One of the measures suspends the operation of catering facilities of all categories, but with the exception of the preparation and delivery of food. The mentioned exception is seen by some caterers as a “straw of salvation”, in order to still have a certain “cash flow”, ie income so that they do not have to lay off their workers, which is the main purpose of the proposed measures – to provide liquidity and jobs. Issuance of daily value vouchers in the amount of HRK 20,00, a total of HRK 600,00 per month, by the state and local self-government would be targeted at all residents who are in isolation and those over 60 years of age residing in the Republic of Croatia prepared to co-finance delivery, thermally determined foods from catering facilities. That’s right UJE Oil bar from Split, like many other restaurants, posted on its FB pages a special menu as well as the possibility of delivery. As Marin Medak, the president of NUU, points out, in this way, isolated citizens and the elderly, who are the most at-risk group, would have food delivered to their doorsteps, thus minimizing the need for their display. Also, this measure would also allow caterers to keep part of the workforce and business to a minimum, which will reduce the wave of layoffs and the decline of companies that are preparing given the current situation. Some restaurants have delivery in their organization, and some use food delivery services, such as: Pauza.hr, Dobartek.hr, Wolt.hr, Glovo etc.… If you have questions about the implementation of food delivery vouchers in your city or municipality, you can also send an inquiry to the National Association of Caterers: [email protected] Photo: Pixabay.com / Illustration: HrTurizam.hrlast_img read more

Kofi Kingston loses WWE title in 9 seconds

first_imgAfter a highly anticipated debut of the WWE SmackDown, WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston lost his championship title to Brock Lesnar after a bout that lasted nine seconds.Kofi Kingston who had held the WWE Championship title since WrestleMania 35 and successfully defended it against the likes of Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Randy Orton, was immediately pinned by Lesnar after being hit with a single F-5.  After the match, Rey Mysterio made a surprise entrance alongside Cain Velasquez – the former UFC star who knocked out Lesnar at UFC 121 to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2010. Many WWE fans were heartbroken for Kingston, who saw his epic WWE title reign end in the briefest of squash matches.last_img read more