Nook Color 2 set to arrive November 7

first_imgWhen Amazon announced the Kindle Fire last month, the device that it most reminded people of was the Nook Color. The Fire may be getting some extra competition soon, as a sequel to the Barnes & Noble’s seven inch device is expected to arrive on November 7.B&N’s eReader/tablet hybrid has been a surprise hit since it was released last year. Not only does it provide some tablet functionality out of the box, but it’s also possible to root it and run stock Android ROMs on it. Cyanogenmod 7 even supports the device. The killer feature that led to its unexpected success has been its $250 price point. Like Amazon and the Kindle Fire, B&N can only sell it at such a relatively low price because they are counting on selling digital content after it’s been taken home.This report has the Nook Color 2 dropping just over a week before the Kindle Fire does. As Amazon has already tallied up over a quarter million Kindle Fire pre-orders, B&N’s sequel will have much stiffer competition this time around. Additionally, Amazon is undercutting the original Nook Color’s price by $50, so it will be interesting to see how the Nook Color 2 is priced (I’m guessing it will also be $200, or maybe even $190).Leaks are also suggesting that Barnes & Noble retail stores will be getting a major overhaul to further highlight the Nook line. An alleged source from one store said that his outlet’s customer service counter was being moved, and replaced by a huge Nook section, with special lighting, flatscreen displays, and tons of demo models. I would say that this is a smart move by the retailer. It helps to exploit one big advantage that they have over Amazon: they have their own physical stores.No details are confirmed about the second generation Nook Color’s hardware, but if they want to keep it in the Kindle Fire’s price range, it probably won’t get too many upgraded specs. While it could have a slightly improved display or moderately upgraded processor, don’t expect any 300ppi screens or dual-core CPUs here. Logic would dictate that being lighter and thinner would be the most important and likely upgrades.via The Digital Readerlast_img read more