In a War of Ideologies AAP Hits Out at Modis Nakaampanthi Jibe

first_imgNew Delhi: In an apparent attack on the AAP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said they supported the ‘tukde-tukde’ gang and brought the “nakaampanthi” model of governance to the national capital.He was addressing his first 2019 poll rally in Delhi at the Ramlila Maidan and was accompanied by the BJP’s seven Lok Sabha candidates for the national capital. “The nation has seen four political ideologies — naampanthi (in a jibe at Congress), vaampanthi (Leftist), daam aur daman panthi (in an apparent attack at Mamata), vikaspanthi (development). But Delhi saw a fifth model — naakaampanthi, the one which rejects work related to Delhi’s development and fail when they try to work. They spread anarchy in Delhi and betray people of India,” he said.”Delhi has seen ‘nakampanthi’ model of governance. People had come to change the country, but they changed themselves. They supported ‘tukde tukde’ gang and strengthened India’s enemies,” he said, without naming the AAP.Explaining the term ‘Nakampanthi’, which he used in reference to the AAP government, Modi said it means “not allowing Centre’s Ayushmaan Bharat in Delhi hospitals”. He said the BJP has reduced pollution and traffic jam in Delhi by building eastern and western peripherals.”Inflation was always an important poll issue, but now opposition is not able to corner government on this,” he added.Reacting to his comments, AAP leader and Delhi deputy CM Manish Sisodia reminded Modi of the “fifth political ideology — “Jumlapanthi”, which talks about false promises.मोदी जी आप पाँचवी राजनीतिक परम्परा का ज़िक्र भूल गए – जुमलापंथी पंद्रह लाख – जुमला निकलापूर्ण राज्य – जुमला निकलानोटबंदी आतंकवाद और कला धन रोकेगी – जुमला निकला बीजेपी का असली नाम भारतीय जुमला पार्टी निकलेगा.— Manish Sisodia (@msisodia) May 8, 2019The BJP began using “tukde tukde” gang to refer to students accused of raising anti-India slogans in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in 2016 and has generalised the phrase to attack those it accuses of sympathising with Maoists and separatists. aam aadmi partyBharatiya Janata PartyLok Sabha elections 2019Narendra Modi First Published: May 8, 2019, 9:09 PM IST | Edited by: Sumedha Kirtilast_img read more