DNA tagging pistol and rifle launched for nonlethal law enforcement

first_imgThe ownership and use of guns is a hot topic at the moment following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But while the question of whether individuals should be allowed to own guns, and what type of guns they are rages on, work is underway to develop new types of non-lethal gun for use in law enforcement.Apprehending a suspect can be a difficult task based on the situation, especially if that person is part of a large crowd or has an advantage in terms of their ability to escape e.g. they can run faster than the police officers. So UK security company SelectaMark came up with a way to tag a person using a gun allowing them to be apprehended at a later time.It’s called the SelectaDNA High Velocity System and consists of both a pistol and rifle coupled with high velocity pellets. The guns can shoot a person up to 40 meters away, with the main advantage of the rifle being its ability to carry more pellets and have a larger power source for extended use.When a pellet hits a person it leaves a unique DNA trace mark on them, but does not injure them in any way. This DNA tag can then be later identified by the authorities using UV light and used to prove they are arresting the right person.The SelectaDNA High Velocity System is actually an extension of an existing SelectaDNA product marketed to consumers and businesses for tagging their valuables and thieves. McDonald’s already use it in Australia to curb theft. And as it’s a non-lethal system I can’t see why businesses open to the public couldn’t have a SelectaDNA pistol under the counter to tag any thieves as they leave the scene of a crime.More at SelectaDNA, via RedOrbitlast_img read more