iPhone 5 will reportedly launch this Fall

first_imgAfter Apple broke from its typical summer cycle and released the iPhone 4S in October, many wondered whether the company was making an exception, or establishing a new rule. Would the next iPhone go back to the standard June/July slot, or would new iPhones arrive every fall?According to Japanese blog Macotakara, we have an answer. A story cites a “reliable source” as saying that the iPhone 5 will arrive this Fall, and that the Fall slot will now be the iPhone’s standard release slot.This would make sense for several reasons. For starters, if Apple were to return to the old summer schedule, this would give iPhone 4S buyers less than a year before a new model arrives. Many would buy it anyway, but it could lead to some frustration with Apple. Additionally, the Fall slot was, for years, devoted to the iPod. The iPod line, however, is an endangered species which no longer warrants such a prime time (pre-holiday) slot.Perhaps the biggest reason that it would make sense relates to sales. The iPhone 4S has been a monumental success, breaking iPhone sales records for Apple. Part of that was due to the pent-up anticipation for the next iPhone (it landed 16 months after the iPhone 4), but the 4S also benefited from the holiday shopping season. This would be a smart slot for Apple to keep the iPhone in.With that said, previous rumors have suggested that the iPhone 5 would return to the summer slot. One advantage of doing this would be to snatch early iPhone 4 buyers who are up for a new two-year contract.Which will it be? Only those who are sworn to secrecy know for sure, but we can promise you that there will be plenty more rumors about this for at least the next four months.Macotakara, via Apple Insiderlast_img read more