Big gains among Latinos in the Miami area power Trump to victory in Florida.

first_img– Advertisement – But while it was too early to draw any definitive conclusions about other states, one thing is clear: Mr. Biden’s focus on attracting white voters in the Midwest elsewhere, which seemed to be bearing fruit in Ohio, cost him with Latinos in Florida, who are a distinct ethnic minority that track to the right of Mexican-Americans and other groups.Florida has been a heartbreak state for Democrats since George W. Bush narrowly defeated Al Gore there in 2000 after a partial recount and an intervention on the part of the Supreme Court that effectively handed the election to Mr. Bush. Polls had shown the race very tight — with many showing Mr. Biden with a lead — but Democrats were hardly confident going into the night, given the closeness of the polls. Four years ago, Mr. Trump lost the Miami-Dade area by nearly 30 percentage points to Hillary Clinton. As of late Tuesday, that margin had shrunk to about eight percentage points with Mr. Biden at the top of the ticket — with Mr. Trump’s vote totals in that critical area increasing from 334,000 in 2016 to around 500,000 this year.Mr. Biden spent far more time and resources courting Black voters, and he began to heavily invest in a major Latino outreach operation only late in the campaign. He had hoped he would come close to Mrs. Clinton’s benchmark, while siphoning off votes from Mr. Trump among disenchanted suburban whites and older voters. President Trump has just been declared the winner in Florida after pulling off a remarkable turnaround from 2016 in the Miami area, wooing conservative Cuban-American voters and other Latino groups in numbers sufficient to overcome Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s middling gains with white Floridians.This is a big, though not huge, moment for his re-election hopes, mainly because it would have been all but impossible for him to win back the White House without capturing this state’s 29 Electoral College votes again. – Advertisement –center_img If Mr. Biden could take any consolation from the loss, it was the fact that he marginally outperformed Mrs. Clinton in the county that includes Jacksonville, defeating Mr. Trump there, while exceeded her performance in Tampa and its suburbs, again by a small amount. – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Pause in sports good for athletes mental health development

first_img– players could learn from stars who battled mental health problems By Clifton RossLOCAL athletes should cherish this forced break in action due to the covid-19 outbreak as it is a golden opportunity to replenish one’s mental strength following an action-packed start to 2020.With isolated physical therapy being key for those local athletes whose primary mode of practice and work consist of outdoor sessions, mass gathering, physical contact and social bonding; mental health takes to the forefront of such a lengthy break.In times when gyms are closed, and mass gathering and mass is prohibited; the mental side of things really seem to compliment the physical aspect in the lives of the local pros.Serena WilliamsDue to the worldwide break in outdoor events including sports, athletes globally have been forced to continue their same training and practice regimes within the confines of their homes or living quarters.But outside of training with the boys and hitting the gym, easing the mind of the rigors of a full season of action whether it be cricket, soccer (football), rugby or even golf which is played almost the entire year; is equally crucial.Spending time with loved ones and being indoors is an immense part of healing and staying in the right mental frame of mind for professional atheles.While training relentlessly and packing on gains is a great way to keep one’s game and career in peak shape, having a calm state and peace of mind is more valuable than Godlike musculoskeletal physique.Take for example the number of sportsmen who have been forced to take breaks for their work due to battling mental illness.In cricket a number of famous players both male and female have been forced to take sudden breaks for the game in order to battle their mental health problems.Former England players Marcus Trescothick, Andrew Flintoff, Johnathan Trott and Sarah Taylor have all come out publicly as advocates in the battle against mental health illnesses; after they all at some point in their careers battled it successfully.While Trescothick and Trott, two of England’s batting stalwarts have made intermittent returns to cricket following breaks, they have never been the same since, a true testament to the importance of keeping one’s self fit both mentally and physically.Other international stars such as Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Tennis star Serena Williams, NBA legend and the logo of the national basketball association, Jerry West are also some of the famous athletes who have battled mental health illnesses.last_img read more