Widespread Panic Covers Zeppelin, War, Sabbath, Neil Young & More In Virginia

first_imgNow, we certainly enjoy Widespread Panic’s original music. Their 2015 album Street Dogs was among our top 10 albums of the year, and their recent all-originals performance certainly caught our attention. That all being said, last night’s show at the Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, VA was such a cover-heavy performance that it couldn’t go unnoticed.Throughout the show, Panic brought out Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold,” Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Mak’er,” War’s “Four Cornered Room,” and Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf.” The last two were both bustouts as well, with an 169 show gap since the last “Four Cornered Room” and an 86 show gap since the last “Sweet Leaf.” There was also a jam on Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” thrown into this powerful performance.“Heart Of Gold”:Check out the setlist below, via PanicStream:Setlist: Widespread Panic at Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, VA – 2/23/16Set One: Heroes, Traveling Light, Pigeons, The Poorhouse Of Positive Thinking, Cotton Was King, Dyin’ Man, You Got Yours, Conrad, Heart Of Gold, Postcard (65 mins)Set Two: Christmas Katie, Good People, D’yer Maker, Surprise Valley > Blight > Surprise Valley > Drums > Drums & Bass > Machine Gun jam > Four Cornered Room^ > Proving Ground > Sweet Leaf^^ > Proving Ground (85 mins)Encore: Weight of the World, Climb To SafetyNotes    ^ LTP 10/27/2013 Houston (169 shows)    ^^ LTP 10/31/2014 Broomfield (86 shows)last_img read more

The String Cheese Incident Jams With Greensky Bluegrass, Joel Cummins & More At Forest Finale

first_imgThe String Cheese Incident just wrapped up a great three night run at Electric Forest, bringing in special guests and more for some great music. The band is clearly on a roll, getting their summer started with the release of a new EP, SCI Sound Lab Vol. 1, and following it with some special shows at their immersive festival event in Rothbury, MI.The band welcomed a number of special guests to their set on Sunday, June 26th, including a pair of covers with all of the Greensky Bluegrass band. Together, the group jammed out on JJ Cale’s “Call Me The Breeze” and Prince’s “When Doves Cry,” bringing some serious emotion to their performance. SCI had performed two Prince covers with Karl Denson the night before, but “When Doves Cry” was a more heartfelt song for the occasion.The show also saw the band jam on “Bumpin’ Reel” with UM’s Joel Cummins. Finally, it was Anders Beck who got the call at the end of the show, joining in for “Restless Wind” at the end of the second set and staying on for a cover of the traditional ballad “I Know You Rider” as the encore! Some seriously great shows for Cheese at Electric Forest.The band’s summer tour continues on Friday, July 1st, at the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, NC. Check out the full setlist from E Forest, below.Setlist: The String Cheese Incident at Electric Forest Festival, Rothbury, MI – 6/26/16Set I: Miss Brown’s Teahouse, These Waves > Djbouti Bump > Sometimes A River, Call Me the Breeze*, When Doves Cry*, Down a River, Close Your Eyes, Hi Ho No ShowSet II: You’ve Got the World, Way Back Home, Desert Dawn > Bumpin’ Reel**, Looking Glass > Rollover > Restless Wind***Enc: I Know You Rider***Notes: *w/Greensky Bluegrass **w/Joel Cummins ***w/Anders Beck Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Live Nation Announces Partnership With TSA Pre-Check To Get Fans Into Concerts Faster

first_imgLive Nation has announced an interesting partnership that should make getting into concerts a whole lot easier. The concert giant is teaming up with IdentoGo, the company that helps facilitate the TSA Pre-Check program that has become popular among frequent travelers. The program allows travelers to skip the long TSA lines at the airport while not forcing to them to remove their shoes, belts, laptops, or liquids. With the Fast Pass program set to hit Live Nation’s events, approved fans will be able to get on a special line and go through TSA-like protocols to enter the venue at a much faster pace.If you are already enrolled in Fast Pass as a traveler, that membership will extend to Live Nation’s new offering, and fans will be able to get interviewed for the program at select Live Nation venues and amphitheaters. If you’re not already enrolled, the fee to sign up is $85 for five years, and you can find out more about enrolling in the TSA pre-check program by clicking here.[H/T to Pollstar]last_img read more

Keller Williams Talks Collaborating With Leo Kottke For Major Upcoming Winter Tour

first_imgMusical renaissance man, Keller Williams, always seems to have something up his sleeve. The guitarist has seemingly done it all, whether it’s playing as a solo artist, with his new band KWahtro, or any of his major collaborations throughout the years. The newest chapter of Keller’s musical career will see him team up with legendary guitarist Leo Kottke for an extended winter tour.Dubbed Shut The Folk Up And Listen, the new tour will see Keller and Leo hit performing arts centers across the country for intimate evenings of acoustic bliss. With these exciting dates announced today (see the full schedule below), Keller Williams took a little time out of his jam-packed touring schedule to speak to us about what fans should expect from this unique new project.Live For Live Music: I think it’s safe to say that we’re all really stoked on this new project. Can you talk a little bit about how this tour came together and how long you’ve had it in the pipeline?Keller Williams: Well, Leo Kottke has been a huge influence of mine since I started playing music. You know, it was the Grateful Dead, Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, those types of folk when I first started really getting into music. Skip ahead many years to about ten years ago, that’s when the idea first came up of actually doing shows with Leo. Thing is, he always wants to go first and I just could never really get behind actually following him playing. Out of respect, I always wanted to go first, so it took a while for me to come around to it. And I did, and I think the way we’ve set it up makes sense. The format we’ve landed on is that each of us does one set a piece of about 65—70 minutes, and we play together at the end of the first of set, which is Leo’s segment. So, Leo will do his segment, I’ll walk out and play a few songs with him, there will be an intermission, and then I’ll play the final set. That’s really worked out great because a lot of the folks who come out to see Leo, they get to see the whole thing early, and they can stay and see mine if they wish. The three shows that we’ve done, it’s really worked out in an interesting way, and I’m really looking forward to these dates.L4LM: How are you thinking about this tour in contrast to the other things you have going?KW: With my career and my life, there are so many projects with so many different humans playing so many different types of music. There is also my solo looping world that has so many signal paths, so many things that can go wrong, so many electronics. The beautiful thing about my sets during the Shut the Folk Up and Listen tour is that none of that is there. There are no other humans, no other electronics to get in the way. It just goes back to the beginning—the roots of where I began with one guitar and one microphone. I’ll be focusing on material people sitting in seats can focus on, as opposed to playing venues that don’t have seats—you know, clubs. I’m used to those. I’m used to being background to the party. However, this is not that. This is a different kind of energy where people hang on your every breath and note, and that’s a completely different energy than the people up front on the rail give off. This is another way for me to evolve and do something completely different than I could have possibly done last time I was in that town. You know, it’s an alternative to rail-riding.L4LM: With this change in focus for this tour toward being particularly listening-oriented, how did you end up getting to this place? Is it just a natural product of working with Leo?KW: There are a handful of listening rooms around the country, and it seems like they’re shrinking. There are the City Wineries that are in different cities, the Birchmere outside D.C., the Hamilton, the Coach House—places that are like dinner clubs. Every now and then, I’d get the chance to go play these venues and get a taste. The funny thing is my audience is just trained to come and feel free and feel like they can do whatever they want. I would go to shows in these listening rooms and see other people play, and it’d be drop-dead silent. Then, I would play.You know, it would kind of be like a relaxed party in the sense that there were seats, but people were definitely not quiet. The first couple times I went to these venues, I would see these pin-drop silent shows, and then I’d see these people talking and feeling free. I would get a little bit upset, but then it hit me: these people paid for their tickets, they’re allowed to do whatever they want, and I’m not going to stand in their way.With this particular tour, we’re trying to focus on the intensity that really listening can give off and the energy that can happen from that. So, Leo Kottke has been doing this for so long and has played so many of these beautiful sit-down rooms and theaters. When Leo plays, there are no speakers on stage. He also has an interesting story about damaging his hearing in the Navy. It’s never quite been the same, and he’s particularly sensitive to whistling because those high pitches can actually really hurt him. So, his audience, you know, they know they can’t be hollering or whistling in the middle of the show. He brings an element of folks who feel that this is what you do at this type of show, for whom this atmosphere is the norm. So, we’re going to bring in those people who can hopefully laughs teach the folks who may not be quite as used to being quiet in this kind of situation.L4LM: Doubling back to the format, in consideration to the venues and the way each night is set up, it almost seems as though these shows could lend themselves to being programmatic. Will you two be developing a loose program of sorts so that there is a degree of musical consistency across the setlists for the tour, or is there going to be more spontaneity than that in a given night?KW: At the present, we’re just getting to know one another musically as far as playing together, though, I mean, I know his catalog and everything. Leo is very set in his set, in the sense that he definitely rotates songs, but there are some that will appear every night and others that will kind of come and go. My set, it definitely rotates. There’s a big handful of songs that work really well in this setting and this situation, knowing this is not the type of tour that people will go to for multiple nights in a row. But as far as rotating songs, for right now, we’re trying to bring our A-game, which means probably focusing on performing songs that will be presented in the tightest and best way possible, and those will probably be ones that are repeated.L4LM: In descriptions of the tour, you’ve talked about how you’ll be able to hear everything that Leo is playing throughout the night, and how you’re going to let that inspire your playing. What does that mean and how does that manifest, especially in the context of repeating your tighter songs?KW: Well, I’ll be hearing everything Leo plays. I have an in-ear monitor, so I have a wireless belt-pack that’s connected to the monitor board. Like I mentioned earlier, Leo uses absolutely zero monitor. Even when he did all those shows with Mike Gordon, there were never monitors on the stage, and they were both playing off of the front-of-house speakers. When you’re on stage, it can sound not-very-clear. I have these speakers with little sub woofers and tweeters just lodged right next to my eardrums going into this belt-pack, which has the perfect sound of his guitar and his vocals. When I’m backstage while he’s playing, I’m trying to listen to the show. I’m actually shutting the folk up and listening. I mean, it’s to the point where I’m very, very rude backstage. Some people will just sit there and talk to me while I have my headphones in, and I’ll have to take my headphones out. It really doesn’t make me very happy when I have to do that.But yeah, I’m listening and hearing every note as pristine as can possibly be, and definitely taking that out and that vibe on stage. As far as the question about how this affects any repeated songs, some of these songs, if you listen to Leo Kottke live shows, you’ll pick out a pattern of songs that he does every show. I wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible by choosing songs where he can kinda do his thing, and I can add my “-isms” over on the side and sing a little harmony. The fact that he doesn’t have monitors, if my harmonies are off a little bit, I don’t think it really affects him, because he’s not really hearing it like I’m hearing it. So, it seems to be working, and my main concern is keeping him as comfortable and wanting to continue this idea.L4LM: This is definitely a much more formal setting than a lot of your fans are used to seeing you playing. I know both you and Leo are both noted for having great senses of humor though, so, your fans shouldn’t prepare themselves for a formal and serious night at the opera, right? It’s still going to be a jubilant and joyous occasion, just with the volume turned down a little?KW: Oh, absolutely. It’s almost like a passive-aggressive comedy show. Leo seems to be the happiest when he is on stage. He really feels the most comfortable up there. He starts to talk and then he tells a story, which opens up another idea of another story, and then he veers off and gets another idea for another song, and then he remembers the original song he was going to do before he veered. If you’re listening, you’re following him in every way and at every turn, and it’s really hilarious. He’s very dry, and he’s real, and he remembers so much in the moment. As far as spontaneity goes, he could tell the same story, but it’s never quite the same. There are always different variations that go off. So, absolutely, it’s not a take-yourself-so-seriously type of show. It’s serious enough to where people might shush you. But there will be laughing, that’s for sure. There are comedy elements throughout that are somewhat unintentional, and it’s how kinda we roll. You know, I write songs that entertain me and make me laugh, and sometimes it carries over, sometimes it’s dark. The comedy in Leo’s world is in the back corners of his brain, and it totally comes out during the stories.L4LM: Because this tour is targeting venues with a different vibe than those that you traditionally hit, how does venue affect how you prepare or even just conceptualize your different shows?KW: You know, there are a handful of songs that are just 100 percent ripe for dancing and the looping element. That’s obviously not going to be here. The songs that I’ll be playing are most suited for this environment. I can definitely do an acoustic “Freeker,” “Best Feeling in the World,” “Doobie in my Pocket”—all these songs can totally work in the sit-down environment. Then, there also these story songs like “Missing Remotes,” which are kind of spur-of-the-moment, state-of-consciousness type songs that I make up. Those are all really good for this type of element. Plus, then, there are the random cover songs that comes out and the asking of the audience of what’s next. There’s definitely the relaxed night at the theater vibe as opposed to tight-buttoned ushers. Well, there could be usher issues with dancing in the aisles. You know, sometimes people stand up and turn around and try to get people to get up as well… I guess there could be usher issues. laughs But no, this is definitely a more relaxed night at the theater than what maybe we’re leading on.L4LM: Do you find it difficult, changing gears so quickly? Especially in contrast with this current tour, KWahtro, do you find it hard to change from something that is so energetic and lively and dance-oriented to this new feeling, or does it come naturally with the setting and with Leo being there?KW: I think it’s very inspiring and not very hard to change gears. It’s going to be a welcome change, and I think I’m going to learn a lot. And I’m going to take what I learn with me back into my solo looping shows as well as. I’m probably going to miss it when I go on solo looping shows. It’s very freeing and easy, not to have so many signal paths and personalities and hotel rooms. It’s just different. It’s just easier, you know? Travel is the fastest when you travel alone type-of-thing. Yet, in that same breath, you can’t really do the things you do with others by yourself. It’s different. But, I’m thinking I’m going to enjoy the change and relish in it.L4LM: Would you say this is foreshadowing a new direction for you, or rather, a return to an old direction? Or do you think of this as just a crazy and wonderful reprieve from your normal schedule? Because, we all know you always have some new trick up your sleeve that you’re working on.KW: Right, right. I think this is just another option, you know? There’s the funk, there’s a couple different bluegrass things, the gospel. There’s the solo dancing. This is the solo sitting. This is another option. This is definitely where it started, where I kind of came from—alternative folk music is what we were calling it in the late 80s, early 90s. You know, following the footsteps and the trails blazed by Ani DiFranco and Michael Hedges and Martin Sexton and all these people who I still look up to. Not really overthinking too much, but it’s definitely a possibility of a direction I could go in twenty years if I’m lucky enough to be able to still be doing it in twenty years. If I still got people coming out in twenty years, this could be an option. Like I said, it’s is another direction, a different way to present myself for the next time I come to town. That’s kinda how I’m thinking about it right now.Keller’s tour with Leo Kottke begins on January 12th and will run through April. Tickets can be found here.Future Dates for Keller William and Leo Kottke’s Shut the Folk Up And ListenSolo Keller and KWahtro Dates Noted With *1/12 Ridgefield Playhouse | Ridgefield, CT1/13 Paramount Theatre | Rutland, VT1/14 The Colonial Theatre | Keene, NH1/19* WoW Hall | Eugene, OR – KWahtro1/20* Wonder Ballroom | Portland, OR – KWahtro1/21* Nectar Lounge | Seattle, WA – KWahtro1/26 Reilly Arts Center | Ocala, FL1/27 Capitol Theatre | Clearwater, FL1/28 Parker Playhouse | Ft. Lauderdale, FL2/2 Live at the Ludlow Garage | Cincinnati, FL2/3 Carnegie of Homestead Music | Pittsburgh, PA2/4 Performing Arts Center Rockwell Hall | Buffalo, NY2/9* Redstone Room | Davenport, IA – Solo2/10* Waiting Room | Omaha, NE – Solo2/11* The Cedar | Minneapolis, MN – Solo2/16 Carolina Theatre | Durham, NC2/17 Carolina Theatre | Greensboro, NC2/18 TBA2/23 NY Society for Ethical Culture | New York, NY2/24 State Theatre | New Brunswick, NJ2/25 The Cabot | Beverly, MA3/9 Sheldon Concert Hall | St. Louis, MO3/10 Park West | Chicago, IL3/11 Barrymore Theatre | Madison, WI3/16* Blind Pig | Ann Arbor MI – Solo3/17* The Intersection | Grand Rapids, MI – Solo3/18* The Vogue | Indianapolis, IN – Solo3/30 The State Room | Salt Lake City, UT3/31 TBA4/1 Green Valley Rec | Green Valley, AZ4/6 Florida Theatre | Jacksonville, FL4/7 Variety Playhouse | Atlanta, GA4/8 Charleston Music Hall | Charleston, SClast_img read more

Listen To Frank Zappa Jam With Pink Floyd On “Interstellar Overdrive” In 1969

first_imgIn a new interview, drummer Nick Mason reflects on the earliest days of Pink Floyd’s career. The interview touches on a number of subjects – the band’s first gig, Syd Barrett and more – but one particular passage mentions a one-of-a-kind jam session with Frank Zappa.Mason says, “The interesting thing with Frank was that he’s one of the very few rock & roll intellectuals. I would put Frank Zappa, Roger and Pete Townshend together – people who are a bit more thoughtful. Frank obviously had an extraordinary ability as a musician and composer. He could knock out Joe’s Garage or produce the G.T.O.’s. He had a very broad vision of rock music.”Fortunately, the tape of Zappa joining Pink Floyd for “Interstellar Overdrive” has been preserved all of these years. Click over to 7:08 on the YouTube embedded below to catch this incredible meeting of the minds from 1969.last_img read more

Bonnaroo Unveils Two SuperJam Lineups

first_imgThe Bonnaroo SuperJam has become one of the most unique and collaborative sets of music at any festival on the circuit today. Artists from different genres come together for one night only to produce something wonderful, memorable, and timeless. Last year’s “Heart, Soul & Spirit: A Tribute To Tennessee” saw Kamasi Washington lead Miguel, GRiZ, Devonte Hynes, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Eric Krasno & The Shady Horns, Allen Stone, Vulfpeck, Michelle Williams,The Internet, Chicano Batman, Lizzo, and more through a spiritual celebration of the state that has housed Bonnaroo for its 15-year reign as one of the premier music North American music festivals.Today, the festival announces that the Bonnaroo SuperJam theme is “The Soul Shakedown.” Presented by Preservation Hall, the SuperJam will feature Jon Batiste (Stay Human, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), members of The Head and the Heart, Sam Cohen, George Porter Jr. (The Meters), Lecrae, Margo Price, Tank and the Bangas, Lukas Nelson, Nicole Atkins, and Flint Eastwood. The festival also promises that more names will added soon! Additionally, the Bluegrass Situation Superjam hosted by Ed Helms has revealed its lineup. This year’s jam will see the actor/comedian/banjo maestro backed by the Bryan Sutton Band and joined by such stars as Martina McBride, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Greensky Bluegrass, Mandolin Orange, River Whyless, Gaby Moreno, Baskery and Lillie Mae. According to the press release, “Additional special guests – both announced and unannounced – will take the stage during both SuperJam events, assuring two memorable sets full of surprises, musical discovery, and unexpected excitement.”Headlining the 2017 Bonnaroo, going down June 8-11, will be U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, and Chance The Rapper. U2’s performance comes in the midst of their 30th anniversary “The Joshua Tree” tour, and their set will include a full playing on the classic 1987 album.The full lineup continues with Major Lazer, Flume, Lorde, The xx, Travis Scott, Cage The Elephant, Marshmello, The Head and The Heart, Big Gigantic, Glass Animals, Future Islands, Tory Lanez and more. Entries like Umphrey’s McGee, Greensky Bluegrass, Turkuaz, Khruangbin, Twiddle and a few others are throwbacks to the festival’s roots in the jam scene, though this year’s lineup is distinctly focused on larger pop, rock, hip hop and EDM performers.Additional performers include Tove Lo, Crystal Castles, Portugal. The Man, Tegan & Sara, Milky Chance, Cold War Kids, Yellow Claw, Kaleo and more.You can check out Bonnaroo’s website for more information and tickets.last_img read more

Aqueous Announces 2017 Fall Tour Dates

first_imgAqueous continues to prove itself a road machine with today’s announcement of 25 fall tour dates, including headlining shows in Madison, Charleston, Nashville, Cleveland, and Chicago, festival appearances at the inaugural Canyon Jam at The Mishawaka Amphitheater and Resonance Music & Arts Festival, and three support dates with Umphrey’s McGee.This past weekend, the Buffalo-based quartet joined Umphrey’s McGee at the SummerStage in NYC’s Central Park and The Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, NJ, welcoming new fans along the way. It’s been a great summer for Aqueous thus far, but the band is excited to step out on their own headlining tour this fall.Aqueous Covers Radiohead and Steely Dan With Members of Umphrey’s McGee [Videos/Photos]The upcoming tour will see the band play two sets on most club dates, which gives the four-piece ample time to improvise and stretch out their songs. Guitarist and vocalist Mike Gantzer enthusiastically shares in a press release, “We have really been itching to get the opportunity to have all the time we need to dive into jams as deeply as we’d like and to continue to diversify and get creative with our setlist writing too!”Tickets for the recently announced Fall 2017 dates are on sale today, July 12th. Be sure to visit the band’s website for more information.Aqueous Tour Dates:7/15 & 7/16 – Buffalo, NY – Cobblestone Live7/20 – Morgantown, WV – Deep Roots Mountain Revival7/28 – Burlington, VT – Tumble Down8/11 – Raleigh, NC – Red Hat Amphitheater *8/12 – Scranton, PA – Peach Music Festival8/18 – Rehoboth, DE – Dogfish Head Brewery8/19 – Pittsboro, NC – The BIG What?8/ 25 – Sherman, NY – Night Lights Music Festival8/31 – Kansas City, MO – KCCrossroads *9/1 & 9/2 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant *9/7 – Steamboat Springs, CO – Schmiggity’s9/9 – Bellvue, CO – Canyon Jam Mishawaka Amphitheater9/12 – Iowa City, IA – Gabe’s9/13 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th St Entry9/14 – Madison, WI – The Frequency9/15 – Menasha, WI – The Source Public House9/16 – Indianapolis, IN – Mousetrap9/22 & 9/23 – Thornville, OH – Resonance Music & Arts Festival9/30 – Canton, NY – Java Barn10/24 – Wilmington, NC – Calico Room10/25 – Raleigh, NC – The Pour House10/26 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Pour House10/27 – 10/29 – Live Oak, FL – Suwannee Hulaween10/31 – Birmingham, AL – Zydeco11/1 – Nashville, TN – High Watt11/2 – Asheville, NC – Asheville Music Hall11/3 – Covington, KY – Octave11/4 – Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant Street11/15 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom11/16 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall11/17 – Kalamazoo, MI – Bell’s Eccentric Café11/18 – Ferndale, MI – Otus Supply* dates w/ Umphrey’s McGeelast_img read more

Outside Lands Celebrates Its 10th Year With Gorillaz, The Who, And More [Photos]

first_imgPhoto: Dave Vann Outside Lands 2017 | Photo: Dave Vann Load remaining images Outside Lands celebrated its 10th anniversary last weekend, reaching a milestone that has become increasingly difficult to achieve as the festival landscape has gotten more and more crowded. San Francisco’s late-summer staple treated more than 200,000 people to three days of exceptional music, art, and food with a lineup more akin to its early offerings, leaning on rock, alternative, and hip-hop. It’s almost impossible to catch a bad set in the fog-filled confines of Golden Gate Park, but these were some of our favorite performances from the weekend.GorillazGorillaz probably had the widest appeal of this year’s headliners and put on a monster of a performance on the Lands End stage to cap the first night. The song selection left little to be desired, spanning the entire catalog with dance numbers like “Dirty Harry,” oldies like “M1 A1,” and standouts from their latest release Humanz in the form of “Strobelite.” The English collective commanded the attention of the packed crowd, flashing their instrumentation on each track while captivating eyes with the iconic character visuals fans have grown familiar with over the years.Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes made a long-awaited return this year and were slotted as the warm-up to Friday night’s grueling decision between the Gorillaz and Alt-J. They graced the festival airwaves as the sunset briefly broke through over the steep hills behind the Sutro stage, delivering a truly mesmerizing performance. Of course, many of their older anthems made an appearance, but it was clear the band wanted the standouts pieces from their new album Crack-Up to develop a live persona, and the sprawling crowd welcomed that mission with open arms.Real EstateThe intimacy and potential for genuine engagement makes the Sutro stage one of the favorites for Outside Lands artists and fans alike. Real Estate, like many of the artists that got to play there, found themselves humbled by its energy and embraced the opportunity to cut loose. At times, they unleashed their psychedelic side and jammed deeper into songs that usually have a sleepier personality in the studio. It was a well-placed set in the heart of Saturday afternoon and cooked up nothing but joy and elation for the fans who came for the magnetic melodies of their easy-going alternative.ThundercatAs one of the most impressive bassists in the music world, Thundercat doesn’t try to appeal to a mass audience or soften his style for a festival crowd. He put on one of the funkiest sets of the weekend and let his unique song structure and unrelenting melodies take root at Twin Peaks on Saturday. “Them Changes” was easily the biggest throwdown of the set, but listeners with sharp enough ears had plenty to lend to all of his grooves. Thundercat made it clear that it truly is cool to be a cat.Marco Benevento Anyone that made it early enough on Sunday was treated to one of many gems waiting to be uncovered on the Panhandle stage with Marco Benevento burning the fog away with a heater of a set. He opened with “The Story of Fred Short,” a seven-track psych rock dance party that pulled in festivalgoers commuting between the larger stages. Benevento promised to bring out the sun and did just that, showing mastery of both the keys and the weather as he and his trio sent waves of unrelenting joy through everyone that stopped in for a listen.KhruangbinAnother Panhandle gem Sunday came in the form of Khruangbin and their minimalist jazz and funk. Their music doesn’t seek approval but it was received tenfold as they flashed their tightness and instrumentation, playing most of the music on The Universe Smiles Upon You. The grooves were as subtle and seductive as bassist Laura Lee unhinged any stuck feet in the grass. The trio even teased A Tribe Called Quest, giving subtle nod to the hip-hop legends who were forced to cancel their Outside Lands performance.The WhoThe Sunday headliner slot at Outside Lands is always filled with musical icons, and this year the festival paid homage to one of the bands that was part of another San Francisco anniversary – the 50-year celebration of The Summer of Love – by bringing The Who back to the Bay Area. Granted, most of the crowd was full of millennials that likely only became wise to The Who if their parents put them on, but there was no way a collection of timeless ballads like theirs could fall flat. They worked through hits like “I Can’t Explain,” “The Seeker,” “Behind Blue Eyes,” and “Bargain” as thick fog draped every inch of Golden Gate Park. Familiar lyrics were met with echoes from the crowd and it was clear that fans that came to see The Who got exactly what they wanted. It was a raucous end to a weekend that will undoubtedly linger with all who attended.You can also check out photos from Outside Lands this weekend below, courtesy of photographer Dave Vann. Photo: Dave Vannlast_img read more

Eddie Vedder Welcomes 12-Year-Old Fan For Awe-Inspiring “Society” At Pilgrimage

first_imgHere’s a nice story… Eddie Vedder performed a solo set at Nashville’s Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival two weekends ago. Toward the end of the 20-song setlist, the Pearl Jam frontman welcomed an unexpected guest to the stage, 12-year-old Jack West. According to a local news outlet, Vedder met West several hours before the scheduled performance at a nearby hotel, where they chatted about music for about 10 minutes before the boy asked Vedder if he could perform on stage with him that night. Vedder agreed, and the two met again on the festival grounds and practiced backstage together ahead of the collaboration.Eddie Vedder’s Been Spotted Busking Twice Outside Of Wrigley Field This Weekend [Full Video]Jack West got Eddie Vedder’s attention because of his “PJMC” shirt and his “cool” look. Before welcoming Jack to the stage, Vedder commented on his own thought process, “He’s got such a cool name, he’s such a cool kid, and he’s got such a cool shirt, I bet he can sing too!” He continued, “The last time I pulled someone out of hte crowd to sing, it was horrible, and I said to myself, ‘I am never fucking doing that again.’” As the crowd laughed, the boy walked out comfortably and sat down to deliver an awe-inspiring performance of “Society,” from Vedder’s 2017 Into The Wild release. Watch the duet below:In a time marred by darkness, we must absorb sweet stories like these, when music connects people to make dreams come true.Setlist: Eddie Vedder | Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival | Nashville, TN | 9/24/17Share The Light, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, I Am Mine, Trouble, Wishlist, Good Woman, Sometimes, Just Breathe, Without You, Setting Forth, Far Behind, Guaranteed, Society, Rise, Better Man, Isn’t It A Pity, Porch, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Hard Sunlast_img read more

Eminence Ensemble Announces 2 Free Phish Vegas Afterparties & Colorado New Year’s Show

first_imgEminence Ensemble, the rising six-piece jam machine, has been crushing their Denver hometown scene for years and is steadily gaining steam on the national level. The powerhouse—comprised of Justin Neely (guitar), Zac Flynn (bass), Taylor Frederick (guitar), Nick Baum (percussion), Johnny Bosbyshell (keyboard), and Tanner Bardin (drums)—is tighter than ever, with a refined and focused goal of wowing crowds across the country. Eminence Ensemble has a hard time identifying with one specific genre, meticulously bending different types of hard rock, funk, jazz, soul, and R&B into crafty compositions and jams.Eminence Ensemble – “Whipping Post” – Fillmore Auditorium – Denver, CO – 12/30/2017[Video: Eminence Ensemble]Eminence Ensemble recently embarked on a national tour in support of Matisyahu, playing many sold-out rooms on the coast-to-coast tour., and the successful tour has helped the Colorado natives soar to new heights. Earlier this summer the sextet dazzled Summer Camp Music Festival with a special appearance from STS9’s Alana Rocklin and moe.‘s Vinnie Amico and has played Electric Forest, Frendly Gathering, Euphoria Festival, and Beanstalk Music Festival.Eminence Ensemble ft. Alana Rocklin-“Great Celebration”-Summer Camp Music Festival 2018[Video: Instrumental Motion]To celebrate Halloween, Eminence Ensemble will be headed to the Hard Rock Live on the Las Vegas Strip on October 31st and November 1st, with the shows serving as after-parties for Phish’s highly anticipated Halloween performances at the MGM Grand. Both shows will be completely free of charge, with the band playing two sets each night. Plus, the Hard Rock Live is attached to the MGM, making it very easy and accessible for fans to mosy over when the Phish shows are done. For those trying to keep the party going, Eminence Ensemble is sure to provide a nonstop dance party late into the early morning. Did we forget to say the shows are free? Information for the event can be found at the Facebook event page here.Regarding the Halloween extravaganza, Eminence Ensemble states:This will be a very special 2-night run for the band, not only because the venue is so iconic and full of history but the run also marks our drummer Tanner Bardin’s 30th birthday. We feel very humbled to be playing the Hard Rock Live following Phish at the MGM. This venue has a lot of history of some of the greatest bands and musicians in the world who have played in Vegas. For us, the last time we as a band were all at the Hard Rock Live in Vegas, we were watching a two- night Umphrey’s Mcgee run where we were playing the afterparty in a small venue quite far from the Hard Rock Live. Now we are back several years later playing our own two-night headlining run during Phish Halloween and we couldn’t be more excited.We are also very stoked to be teaming up with Live for Live Music to have them present this run. We have been following their story and brand for a long time and to finally have the chance to work with them is really cool for us.Live for Live Music is also proud to present Eminence Ensemble with very special guests Cycles in Frisco, CO at 10 Mile Music Hall on December 30th. Tickets are only $5 to see the two Colorado powerhouses set the small mountain town ablaze. Miles from the base of Breckenridge Ski Resort and Lake Dillon, fans can ski and ride by day, or take advantage of any of the other countless winter activities in the area, then catch some stellar music by night. Tickets and more information for the show can be found here.Eminence Ensemble is currently in the studio recording their sophomore album and is excited to share more information and release date in the upcoming weeks. For more information on Eminence Ensemble and their upcoming tour dates, head to their website. Plus, to get stoked for these shows, watch video of Eminence Ensemble’s elevated jams below.Eminence Ensemble-House of Blues New Orleans-3/9/2018[Video: Eminence Ensemble]last_img read more