Shanghai dragon speeding white hat website promotion

Description: this did not write, is a great loss, the proposal here with your long tail keywords write a coherent statement.

Keyword: I did not write here, here can be improved, but did not write the impact is not great.

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websiteWhen the

content reaches a certain level, submit to the search engine. I am to love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO such a large search engine can be submitted. Then register the Sina blog, blog. There is also a forum.

chain strategy

learning, by the way replies in Shanghai Longfeng why forum, post. Which will bring me a good sign effect. The Tianya forum hair every day is the content from the website copy down, with links to articles. Even if only to do so, the effect is good. read more

Sharing experience how to exchange high quality Links

is down right: whether it is domain or site, the front page of the site must be in the first place, otherwise as down the right, many people are concerned about the site instead of the domain, the domain is actually the judge whether the site right down to the standard.

world ranking: the ranking will be better, if you own website no ranking, don’t force others.

what is the high quality Links, and not just what the large portal home page links, as long as compared with your site, it is higher than the quality of your website, for you, even if it is a high quality friend chain. How to judge the other site comprehensive quality, we should from their PR, included, snapshots, the number of the chain, whether the right down, outbound links number, world ranking, keyword ranking and so on to consider. read more