What other factors outside chain construction plays a role can not be ignored

three, the chain construction should not only pay attention to those high weight website

website optimization is mainly composed of two aspects to determine the effect, that is the content of the website and the site outside the chain of the two part, the chain has occupied half of the country in Shanghai Longfeng do website optimization, website optimization Shanghai dragon will not consider the construction of the external links. However, many of the Shanghai dragon website optimization factors but foreign chain construction practitioners should pay attention to do not understand that the construction of the chain is more, but the effect is not ideal. In fact, the chain to high quality, most people know this truth, but there are some other factors such as foreign chain construction plays a role can not be ignored. Here, Xiaobian to introduce some factors needing attention in the construction site outside the chain. read more

WeChat index 3 times in Shanghai triggered the Shanghai dragon dragon ASO and WEO


BAT first by the giant gangster love Shanghai officially announced the "love Shanghai cancel news source", the cancellation of the cause of the Internet PR

I think, "the launch of WeChat index, let more old generation Internet marketing practitioners, especially the traditional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners saw a light and auspicious gas, in the mobile Internet era of rapid development of Shanghai dragon er who will abandon the PC stick to the original end position, fought in the mobile Internet mobile Shanghai Dragon, Shanghai Dragon 3 era. read more

The essence of the basic content is higherJoin the Sogou alliance, traffic and money win-win!

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so, owners sometimes don’t blindly to collect, and then do SEO, now the site such as ants, how to let the user site more interested in you, the substance is the key to good content to retain the user can earn money.


Sogou site navigation http://s.123.sogou Sogou web site navigation site, a considerable amount of traffic per day.

now join the Sogou alliance and work with the Sogou Alliance for more than a month, you can contact the League administrator to join Sogou site navigation related matters, to achieve a win-win site traffic and money. read more

Liu how Shanghai dragon website optimization to seize the user experience


from the nobility launched the "noble baby baby +1" and launched the "I love Shanghai love" button is not difficult to find, the search engine is to strive to improve the user experience and try to do is not difficult to conclude that in the near future, users can better provide content to the website will have a good ranking, then, those who rely on common cheating website ranking in the search engine will be greatly reduced, until disappeared in the rain, the early forum good rankings to explain cheating can improve the ranking; but the forum was soon K also illustrates this initiative is in the hands of the search engine. Therefore, to improve the user experience is the site optimization in the constant pursuit of the target in the optimization of industry. read more

How to make the key within two weeks into the Shanghai home of love


because of concerns about the web site after online love Shanghai spiders without fresh rich food, I line on the site before I have prepared some all personally original articles, we must be prepared in advance, the days count you can not guarantee that every day you can have time to prepare for these articles, the original article as we all know the benefits, but to remind you of the line on the website must be updated regularly every day at least 3-5 article original or false original article a few weeks ago, because I do not need so much so personal blog update every day 1-2 article can, but the time update must be fixed, not a spider to please you, we can only take the initiative to adapt the spider’s law, as long as you have enough fresh things for him to eat, he will gradually fall in love with you on the website Don’t go. read more

Love Shanghai planning website quality evaluation recommendations document to guide link building

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station network (www.admin5贵族宝贝) April 19th news: a well-known search engine optimization expert Liu Huanbin (Robin) April 18th held in Xiamen learned from last week’s MADCon conference in his blog, love Shanghai web search department is planning to write a web site quality evaluation proposal document, the document written by Lee himself. Robin said Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools after the release, many owners do not know how to use. Now the biggest problem is in front of you, do not know from which links should be denied. The site quality evaluation document after the release of Shanghai love, it will have a positive significance on the Shanghai Longfeng link building work. read more

Love is actually Shanghai optimization rules can be found

first, the general regularity, in the title, description, and key words, I do not have what idea, is to simplify the words, let them use a separate guarantee, words don’t too much, try to make it clear and generous, but don’t stack keywords, do not have some sensitive words, sensitive keywords that sure to be finished, as for what sensitive keywords I will not say ah, ha ha, I think in the description is the title to some description must have, the most important is to form a word, not so hard, I is the most commonly used XX company mainly engaged in the main business is what or what here is the key, on the line, try to make it smooth, and the amount of customer requirements on the phone, there is a telephone consultation what can be, I The basic is to do so, the results were OK, this is what I call the law, don’t ask why. The last is the key, this is not important, I’m not feeling, it depends on how you look at it, I actually put him as a place to increase the density of keywords, the use of what is now the title party line for a comma. read more

Most of the June 21st Shanghai website snapshot of love

this article is just to give you a belated effort, thinking only, a smile can be seen friends. In June 21st 16 o’clock, Shanghai began to love many website snapshot file (what is snapshot). Today is to bear about analysis maps antecedents and consequences, not.

many people blindly worship Shanghai dragon master, or serious contempt for the so-called Shanghai dragon master, but in fact really understand Shanghai dragon people, these are too short. All the technology is in practice, all the experience and practice, and is important if you observe (if you want to improve the site snapshot, can see this love Shanghai snapshot slow do). The above pull away, after all, everyone is covered only, just have the skillful master. Carefully observe the friend believed to have four aspects can be proposed from the above findings bear some minor problems. If you don’t understand, then please see below. read more

Links cheated Four teach you to prevent cheating Links dry cargo

contact Shanghai dragon industry novice, Links is a very troublesome and tedious problems, for example, how to judge whether should change, is not to pay attention to related industries, is not to pay attention to key words, traffic is not to pay attention to the number of thesaurus and so on.

understand what is Links cheat, after common practices and Links deception, to focus on the next Xiaobian share several dry cargo of how to prevent Links cheating.

2, note that the nofollow and robots.txt read more

talk to some of Taobao search off the new understanding of the rules


direct search can get more search results to Taobao, help to improve the user experience.


so this adjustment for the rebate website will not have too much influence. The biggest advantage is: can reduce the number of Taobao customers to call API, reduce the.



second reasons why I think it is because the search is taobao贵族宝贝 the most valuable part of the assets, taobao贵族宝贝 want users to Taobao search, if the search is completed in taobao贵族宝贝, on the search results page display ads, taobao贵族宝贝 can have higher incomes, and we know that advertising is the biggest income taobao贵族宝贝 so, taobao贵族宝贝 will not easily allow users to complete the search action in the third party website. Therefore, Taobao this adjustment is not primarily the rebate website. read more