Some thoughts on the conversion rate of websites

do network promotion, SEO also has six months, first do enterprise stand, now do online shopping class site, every day listen to conversion rate, PV those words. Sometimes feel very distressed, because every webmaster is thinking how to improve these various indicators. Especially as online store category, high conversion rate means high sales volume, which means the end of the year a little extra bonus. But we usually do it have really noticed the deep source of these targets? Thought the cause of these data? Today I share with you about the site conversion rate, my thoughts. read more

Some suggestions for the student stationmaster

              really are small, if you are a student of words, if you have a few minutes to spare time, may wish to read this article, see if there is a little help. Definition: my students here is relatively narrow, my understanding is: more than 16 years of age, in the domestic colleges and universities in the school student in college, vocational technical school, undergraduate and graduate students. As long as you are in the domestic school students, as long as you do a serious station, can be summed up as the ranks of student leaders. read more

The webmaster is not forgotten but nothing

this article should have been written in May 3rd, but has not been written for a variety of reasons. Today, seeing again until early in the morning, but also put the code out of this article, we look at the smile is good, also welcome different views.

May 2nd, 28 push evergreen released a blog, you can see the specific content. In the QQ group stand in a row in some friends asked the guardian: home owners and owners from A5 more and more far? Followed by the A5 forum to cancel the signature of this function, this is followed by the chain on judge another blow. More and more webmaster caught in confusion, the site is becoming more and more difficult to do? In this regard, the guardian also issued their views. read more

Sum up 6 years of experience in operating a web site in a web company

Hello everyone, today I am very happy to work in the network company for 6 years, the company has a lot of website traffic is very high, of course, I also set up a website, now is independent on ip5000, if your site can have the IP number, then congratulations, you have been successful in half, from the start don’t make much money, must be in stable and do not engage in what cheating in violation of the search engine operation, then the tragedy of grassroots we really vulnerable! We put hard run of site traffic to the 5000ip to learn to cherish, cherish their efforts to get the results, because of different 2003-05 at that time, a few simple single page can get 1 days of 1 thousand yuan of income, it is not bragging, that is a lot of master can achieve revenue is now different, before The Internet is at a low stage, many cases are not predictable, and now Internet advertising across the country have continued to shrink, because advertisers now pay attention to two words, high efficiency! Benefits for advertisers, who will invest a lot of money by advertising, to our website the main bag, but now, a lot of the cost of advertising to our website, the hand of the Lord, we can bring benefits to the main focus of advertising, this is the problem of read more

Since the media, several ways to quickly upgrade

micro quotient, from the media these two concepts, is the hottest in the past two years. Micro business claims to have millions of practitioners, from the media is also a minority. Why so many people are crazy to join, a word! Jingxiaxinlai think, a lot of people out of the suit, seeing others profit, they rush on like a swarm of hornets. The result can be imagined, wait for passion to die, still be what should do?.

what kind of person is good for media?

1, can write, dare to write, no matter write good or bad, dare to express their views. From the media, not necessarily to write articles, to choose their best areas. Some people can dance, then video recording is a good choice. read more

To become a real webmaster indispensable condition

I think to be a good webmaster should have the "Invincible Ugly heroine Lin invincible such work spirit and perseverance adhere to their own beliefs! Don’t talk about the first image of the heroine, we only talk about the advantages of her body; I do not know if you have seen this as it is a comedy? Department of incentive drama.

Lin invincible to start looking for a job candidates, as long as the problem she recruited countless companies they have been refused, but she still did not give up or not to miss any opportunity, just like we just do the grassroots station long, because no experience, no credibility; so, it will be like a headless flies start running, to seize every opportunity to promote their own blindly, without considering the methods and skills of read more

Experience of novice station establishment

from the beginning to site now for the past year, write the new site here is the exchange of experience, not to mention education, I remember the beginning of the establishment of the heart of a lot of things are very fuzzy, what search station included, how to improve the site traffic, what kind of website can in the current network based on some very vague, I believe that many of the new owners like me.

tell me something about it:

at the beginning, the site was good or bad, the artist, positioning.. Needless to say, these people do it themselves, with new ideas and unique features. When you start, it’s important to have someone else know where you stand. No one knows it’s bullshit. Ha-ha。 I’m a bit of a bore to say that. Talking about the publicity of new sites, I also saw a lot of articles on the Internet, talking very well, start. Always use some search stations to help increase visibility. I believe that not many people in the beginning to spend money on advertising what, but certainly will not sit down to see me in the article, I am a poor webmaster, now each search station provides a free collection function, you only need new Adsense to your site to submit to OK. To facilitate everyone, I put some of the usual station included entrance finishing: read more

Big Wuhan circle stationmaster Chen Liang’s three year wind and rain stationmaster Road

, I can’t walk on my own way,


left the company, choose entrepreneurship, is my life a new beginning of the road, from February 2006 to date, has been almost three years time, have to admit that, for three years, I have been deeply in love with IT.

to tell you the truth, I only did not receive IT education orthodox, to ask me to explain what is called IT this word, I’m sure that is not clear. But today, I also count as a IT person, I am using my own efforts to rush myself, step by step, read more

Can Baidu share traffic and improve rankings for its Web site

may be some webmaster recently in Baidu search, will notice some sites more than a "small hand", followed by numbers, such as:

in fact, this is the "Baidu share", has existed for some time, but not before Baidu released, now released, is used by more and more owners, but according to the authorities wolf observation, use is not particularly much, do not know the application of Baidu will flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Now, let’s take a brief look at what this application actually does, and what Baidu’s original intention is. read more

Double the traffic lost on the site

has been a station for some time and wants to write something, but he doesn’t know where to begin. Writing experience, my experience is not enough, write operations, I am not qualified station. However, there is a little experience to share with you. Webmaster friends, especially new sites, do a certain amount of traffic, will always feel that the flow of the site like a bottleneck, it is difficult to go to the first floor, and flow IP constantly missing situation, how to do?


once, I also worry about the incident, my station released more than a month, after all sorts of promotional efforts (this is needless to say, this article has innumerable online, finally on the day IP) more than 1000. But two weeks later, how to promote the site traffic, still can not go up, and is slowly reduced, the content is the same every day to update the article, but most still original, included a good search engine. How to do it? When you are upset and unable to solve it, one day at last you get inspiration from another website, and you find one that allows traffic to flow back twice. That day, because I prefer to read comic books, to find a few free online comic network to watch, such as new animation network, nine comic network. However, the most frequently to go is a new comic station, eight Zi comic network, that is, in this network, inspired me to break through the bottleneck of traffic methods. Is this, in reading a comic book inside at the bottom of page has a very sexy banner, every time I went there to have a look at, with a same URL, I directly copy this same site open, hey, good stuff, is the original 3Q flow exchange, as long as the registration, you can exchange instant flow. Do not need any audit, only need to register the return flow, try, no virus. So immediately on the 3Q traffic Union free registration, note the user name, hang the code, the style is quite a lot, oh, you can also customize, suitable for all kinds of advertising. I am in the hope of no attitude to hang this exchange flow advertising. Unexpectedly, the night into statistics, more than yesterday’s more than 200 IP, and then open the 3Q management statistics, today, points into: 68, 3Q for you to point out: 211, 3 times more. Oh, really good, really is the willow Liu Cheng yin. Unexpectedly, the outflow to the flow, but also back to 3 times the rate of return, from now on no longer afraid of loss flow. Here and meet traffic bottleneck and want to increase the flow of webmaster friends share. read more