How can beauty salons retain customers

beauty salon in order to retain customers, it is necessary to have a set of skills, then, how can the beauty salon to retain customers? If the customer management system is built very carefully, the business will do better. Would like to open a beauty salon friends may wish to look at it together.

1, give employees a way to let employees know what to do, how to do.

has been the beauty salon requirements on employees’ service and sales. Few employees can tell the specific work. In the end how to service how to sell, did not give employees a specific assessment of the rigid standards. read more

How to deal with the problems encountered in the late

at the beginning of the business, we can think of is the combination of all the forces can be combined. However, after the stability of the enterprise, it is necessary to consider whether this model is suitable for the future development of the road. Among them, there are three problems that must be faced and solved!

One problem:

personnel adjustmentOne of the most difficult problem is

, when adjustments — not just a single employee, but the whole team. At the beginning of the company, the founders often seek the support of friends and loyal followers who work hard with a passion for the cause and hope for the future. They tend to be a number of people, and there is overlap between the various positions. However, these numbers for a single number of entrepreneurial veterans who have the organization to establish a routine operating system and the depth of development in various areas of expertise required skills? read more

Ma’anshan Finance + industry out of poverty so that the poor households opened the flower

due to the different geographical conditions and the difference between the relevant policies, so the economic development in the region of life is inconsistent, so many places are facing the problem of poverty. Recently, in Ma’anshan City, the new port of Cheng Po Mu Qiao Zhen Guan Tang Cun Wei, long ago in the village 133 industrial poverty alleviation projects from poor households, got the shares for the first time since 400 yuan per household share dividend. The poor people smile, can become a shareholder and receive dividends, they did not spend a penny, all equity from 50 thousand yuan per household small loans for poverty alleviation. read more

Migrant workers to pick up 2 million 300 thousand of the cash returned to the owner of Ethiopia than

found this thing happen to others, may admire is one of millions of species, can really happen in their own body may be thousands of tangled up, everyone’s mind is occupied by angels and demons, of course, hope to overcome the devil angel. Recently, Baiyun airport workers to pick up 2 million 300 thousand cash back, hoping to be able to set an example to more people.

4 on Sept. 8, 3 passengers from Ethiopia lost $356 thousand won the huge, excitedly knelt, expressed gratitude to the construction personnel of Baiyun airport two Shijinbumei: "thank you, thank you very much! Baiyun Airport very  good!" read more

Children’s clothing store decoration details sharing

shop decoration is an important part of the shop can not be ignored, many franchisees have been concerned about the importance of the decoration, how to reduce costs to achieve the desired decorative effect? Some children’s clothing stores consumers share their suggestions. If you’re thinking about investing in a shop, take a look at it.

one, children’s clothing store decoration should pay attention to the unity of color, the color of the product and decoration should be very harmonious integration, so that consumers will be able to see the store’s main colors. But pay attention to unity is not to let the children’s clothing and decoration color is exactly the same, so that the shop will be very dull and dull, should make the local contrast and obey the whole. read more

The best choice for small entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs who want to start in terms of capital is too tight, the choice of the project must be more cautious. Of course, if the choice of the project, through a small business to achieve their vision of dream is possible, the following recommended several new products suitable for small business.

USB mini vacuum cleaner

upfront investment 3 thousand yuan, the first purchase of 200, the retail price of 15 yuan each, suggest the market retail price of over 32 yuan each, this is a kind of fashion avant-garde entrepreneurial projects, and compared with the high-tech development needs of the market, investment son report quickly. read more

Maternal and child shop business plan

with maternal maternal and child products market continues to expand, more and more popular, ushered in a hitherto unknown wealth of business opportunities, maternal stores inevitably become the present business strategies, has become the new focus of current entrepreneurship! How to run a mother and child shop? The following small series to take you to the mother and child shop business plan!

first maternal stores investment plan for the first step is the location, and then opened business activities, here is pregnant baby stores day after, for the first time entrepreneurs’s shop owner, will need a lot of heart. read more

nvestors are optimistic about the direction of the 3 major business

ten years ago, entrepreneurs, as long as they can do almost make money, but today, after ten years, any one industry is filled with the smoke of competition, it is difficult to want to excel. The same law applies to today’s investment community. After experiencing a crazy, impetuous, noisy adjustment, ushered in the era of madness, now what investors should vote once again become a real problem.

read more