What kind of business model is needed in current e-commerce

a good business model, there must be a clear core value, that is, for whom to solve the problem. Such as Alibaba to solve the problem of information exchange between the manufacturer and the buyer, Taobao has solved the problem of information exchange and transaction security between the seller and the buyer. As for other value-added services, but also around the core value of ancillary services produced products – in a word, there is no clear core values, it is impossible to produce a good business model. read more

Lu Zhenwang Tencent hand Jingdong electricity supplier pattern began to integrate


technology news March 10th morning news, Tencent today announced a $214 million acquisition of Jingdong 15% of the shares before the listing, this e-commerce observer, Wan Qing consulting CEO Lu Zhenwang said Sina Technology connection, Tencent and Jingdong in hand means that the pattern of electricity providers a new round of consolidation, the Tencent and the Jingdong will each one takes what he needs from the transaction.

Lu Zhenwang said that the transaction for the Tencent, the first WeChat payment frequency will be greatly improved. Because Jingdong annual trading frequency reached 200 million times this year is expected to reach $300 million, which will pay a greater role in promoting WeChat’s Tencent. Secondly, the Yi Xun, pat Network and other services into Jingdong, WeChat is more focused on the future of mobile O2O entrance. read more

The domain name was registered by competitors successfully recapture

      recently, Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center for "Lind gas.Cn" domain name dispute ruling that registered "Lind gas.Cn" domain name is malicious, the disputed domain name "Lind gas.Cn" should be returned to the Lind gas (Xiamen) Co. ltd..

      recently, Linde gas company found that "Linde gas.Cn" registered by others, and the domain name directly to a gas company in Shenzhen city. It is understood that the Shenzhen city industrial gases Co. Ltd. engaged in industrial gas production and sales, and there is competition between Linde gas Xiamen Company. read more

Talk about how to develop rural e-commerce

The specific expression of

in 2009 the central document "on rural informatization", this year to improve the rural information service system, using a variety of ways to explore the model of information service in the villages and households, the integration of resources to build platform. This information, for the construction and application of rural information in this year pointed out the direction.

with the continuous development of the Internet, e-commerce is also more and more attention, especially by the current economic crisis, e-commerce is particularly important, has become the direction of the majority of enterprises to seek development. And this big market in rural areas, whether it can become a potential market for e-commerce? At present, the rural and urban in the end who is more in need of e-commerce? read more

The three or four line of the city O2O how to fix the headquarters station have a brilliant future

O2O has become a cloud computing, big data after another hot to the keywords. The corresponding is that many companies listed or get a new round of financing, eager for a fight the country embarked on the opening station journey. The recent business O2O company intends to open up the station a lot, where to go, regulating the family network, e-drive…… There are various large group purchase websites are wildly beating gongs and drums to expand.

is a second tier city has years of fighting in the Red Sea, and the three or four line of the city is a vast world, there is much to offer. But how to fix their headquarters, station you know? Chestnut learned through their own little experience and a large number of lessons in the line of work, to give you a reminder. read more

Ministry of Commerce Double eleven false propaganda has improved significantly

Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Youling) in November 18, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang 18, said, from the market reflect the situation, the much maligned deficiency problem price, false propaganda, impulsive consumption in the past "double eleven" activities have significantly improved.

Shen Danyang at a regular press conference the Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry of commerce is the support for the similar "double eleven" promotional activities on the whole, but this kind of promotional activities must be according to the law, and hope that the operation will be more rational. Compared with previous years, this year’s double eleven activities basically meet these requirements. read more

Traditional corporate restructuring electricity supplier 10 pit and solution, don’t fall

Abstract: Nowadays more and more traditional business lines moved to the Internet, for some retailers, the transformation of the electricity supplier is already imminent thing, but in this one, many companies have stumbled over the picture of the way, summed up the 10 pit business transformation of traditional enterprises, and from the lists 55, to reverse the way of thinking are given solutions.

Gold 270 million yuan overweight electricity supplier O2O own home platform

from the pool to self, in the exploration of the road of the development of electronic commerce, gold (19.70, -0.20, -1.01%) seems to want to do some more pure. August 19th morning, jintanglang announcement that intends to hold the company transferred and acting under the name of the Mantis (Suzhou) a total of 51% stake in Agel Ecommerce Ltd, invested 270 million yuan to set up Suzhou Gold Mantis electricity supplier Co. Ltd., the creation of independent brand "Gold Mantis home decoration". read more

Part of the Taobao store back to the current application of fraud to be able to get cash

Taobao on the application after the stage is now back to the scam

law weekend trainee reporter Li containing

received the goods within 24 hours, all the more than 5 stars praise more than 20 words, screenshots to customer service, the establishment of a return of cash of $100 in Hu Jia (a pseudonym) to show the rule of law on the weekend of a coupon, printed with such a sentence.

"I thought it was just a common offer. Who could have thought that this 100 yuan back now, but let me become a problem in the mobile phone rights after the road becomes very bumpy." Hu Jia said. read more

The electricity supplier into the capital market hot words traditional department net cited concern

according to the Wall Street Journal reported that Alibaba plans to launch in the United States in September 8th roadshow, 19 days after the official listing of transactions. Alibaba in the disclosure of financial data in the first quarter net profit growth of nearly two times last week. It is expected that Ali will raise up to $20 billion IPO, or into the largest IPO in the history of the United states.

industry insiders said that with the rapid development of e-commerce, people’s spending habits are changing, the traditional retail business model has been challenged, so the need to reshape the sales model. There are several department stores listed companies trying O2O mode. read more