315 complaints network was shut after the opening of the communication management bureau investigati

           , recently, a number of users received consumer worry free network mail, said the 315 consumer complaints network has been renamed to re operating. Users enter the 315 consumer complaints network domain name, the site directly jump consumer worry free network".

in March this year, 315 consumer complaints network because of the use of consumer complaints to the company’s mandatory fees were ordered to shut down. Currently, Beijing and Guangdong communications authority to investigate.

multi site access moving notice

in March 23rd this year, organized by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce "315 consumer complaints network (www.315ts.net), due to the use of consumer complaints to the enterprise information service, compulsory mandatory fees and other illegal acts by the multi sectoral joint shut down.

"the website how to change the vest and out?" Netizen Zheng Yi said that before he had registered in the 315 consumer complaints network, in the past received more than some advertising messages, he recently received a letter from the site "to the original 315 complaints network (315TS) members". The message said, because we did not do a good job, leading to the site on March due to force majeure closed…… Our new website called consumer worry free network (www.xiaofei51.com)……"

it is understood that the receipt of the above message, not just one person.

two website business similar to

yesterday, in the address bar directly enter "www.315ts.net", the page will jump directly to the consumer worry free network". Consumer worry free network page settings and the original 315 consumer complaints network basically the same.

reporter to the identity of a company staff to contact the site. Wiring staff said they are public website. The user’s complaint has been sent to the company mailbox, by the enterprise. Business reply will be removed after receipt or update information. "Companies can also be registered as web members. If there are complaints from the company, the site will help coordinate the treatment".

reporter asked whether the charges to delete the complaint, the conductor said, you first look at the mail it, there are mail withdrawal process".

, however, worry free consumer site wiring staff denied and 315 consumer complaints network has a relationship, but also denied that the group had sent mail, repeatedly stressed that the site is a regular company.


Guangdong communications authority involved in the investigation of

reporter found that the Ministry of information system for the site to click on the 315 consumer complaints network website will jump to the consumer worry free network.

China Chamber of Commerce official said, "315 consumer complaints network" is the host, the network >

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