Kaba married Zhou Hongyi, and he died!

      today, iResearch released the "2007 Chinese personal network security report", personal network security market the latest three rankings are rising, Kaba, Qihoo 360, and Jinshan, Jiang Mindie out of the top three. This report was released after the convulsions, questioned someone Kua, the small table views, and the exchange of A.

      it is precisely because of rampant domestic malware in recent years, only to the rapid rise of the 360 security guards environment. Gu Yue "hero", 360 time is very good, so it was quickly installed in large quantity, and when Rising Antivirus vendors have found the situation at the time, 360 have occupied a huge market advantage. At the same time, due to the madness of malware and Trojans, 360 security guards are naturally too many event marketing opportunities.

      Kabasiji is the biggest winner, his competitors sell coffee in cooperation with Chinese, and bound him and 360 security guards have a huge number of users, the rapid increase in market share, this is one of the most classic of the most successful marketing case. The Internet Magazine editor in chief Hu Yanping said, the Internet China too lack of Zhou Hongyi such a genius, just the genius was caught by Kabasiji, and Kabasiji more.

      on the wrong sedan, will regret in life, only for Kaba to marry Zhou Hongyi, can not lose, is married to a husband. In the season of the panda burning incense, Kabasiji with the help of the 360 platform, do not spend advertising to put himself in front of a large number of computer users, the panda’s incense out, Kabasiji also fire!

      the 360 security guards users can get free 3 month activation verification, so Kabasiji’s most new users are 360 to his, Kaba pay is a verification code and 3 months after the 360 discount sale price. Because the software does not want the hardware as much as there is so much fixed capital, so Kaba is definitely a big fat.

      occupy the security software from Kaba and 360 in 2 and 3, we should also learn some things, such as how to choose partners, such as how to carry out marketing events, such as how to do add, subtract, multiply and divide.

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