MT website filing system upgrade access to more responsibility

news June 25th, according to the notice of the Ministry of Industry issued its first month, from the beginning of last weekend, the Ministry officially on the website for the record system upgrade, the original site for the record management system to stop receiving Website for the new business, only to provide query service system.

in accordance with the new regulations, the future of the Internet to take the record for the record at the provincial level, provincial level, enterprise level three filing management model. A person in charge of business access to the NetEase of science and technology, past all websites directly to the website of the Ministry to do the record, the record in the future the Ministry will no longer receive direct webhosting application, users can complete the record in the website space or virtual host access providers at a station type.

for the owners concerned, the biggest change lies in the record, in addition to submit truthful information, and access to the website’s verification procedures for taking pictures, in the need to choose the type of site filing from the 20 provisions of the classification.

these 20 categories include: the search engine, integrated portal, online post office, network news and blog / personal space, network software and download, online dating and matchmaking / WAP etc.. Among them, online games, online payment, online music and other types, are required for special filing, which also increased the difficulty of the site to a certain extent.


according to the notice, the July 5th filing system upgrade is completed before the examination does not accept any website information submitted for the record, in July 5th after the website registration information submitted will be reported at the same time, will have to fill in the verification of the authenticity of the single and official photos.

it is understood that the site record information verification work will be directly responsible access to local enterprises, access to business needs to face collection site for photos left at the end, personnel records information in the verification of the authenticity of the single and through the examination qualified to apply for the Provincial Communications Administration approval. Only after the approval of the board, the record was successful.

analysts believe that the new take filing system, access providers to take more responsibility for access providers directly to record information authenticity, will improve the record information authenticity and effectiveness of supervision.

each access providers have issued a notice to remind the user before the change of the record, and started the work of the Ministry of industry and the two filing system upgrade.

since before July 5th, the new owners of the record information submitted will not be sent to the authority, in order to keep going to the new site opened during this period, IDC also launched the extension service, for the purchase of the host user given 1-2 months extension.

              news that the Ministry of industry in July 5th to accept the site set up around the authorized photo point


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