Daily topics everyone in the film was renamed the hightalk return integration of resources to build

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 9th news, the disappearance of the two months of everyone in the film back! Just after the return of all film and television drama has changed everyone, also do not provide video resources to download.

everyone was named in October 2014 by the American Film Association, known as China’s major piracy sites. Everyone in the film called due to copyright pressure at the end of November, the website will completely remove all copyright free download link resource. November 20, 2014 officially announced the closure of all television stations. In January this year at the end of the movie everyone’s official website has made "about silkworm, please look forward to" message, and countdown.

new battle all American is the biggest characteristic of no download resources, no download resources for how to attract users, webmasters said in response, said no matter what in recent years, they have accumulated tens of millions of American TV fans and a number of influential American TV subtitles group members, everyone will provide a platform for discussion and exchange. To help fans find like-minded friends, in addition, it will provide an information table and row piece of tools, hope that we can improve English, can easily watch American TV, they will spare no effort to find the future homing genuine resources to cooperation.

everyone said the owners, after closing once they want to give up, but many people do not want everyone to disappear, so they had to make the transformation more profound in the collection of some of the resources and the organization, everyone in the film a subtitle group from a decentralized architecture to a corporate restructuring, the company’s internal functions in accordance with the division of online cooperation mode still is preserved, but also the public social organization team daily capacity and the development of the personnel.

Everyone is very concerned about the profitability of this

outside the way it did may ultimately reach a benign operation, they now believe that the company is now set up early, now they work any better or create a TV exchange service platform, now no more consideration for the profit model, in fact, two months before everyone left, wrote we need the time has passed, and now everyone is back, many people will ask the webmaster not past? What do you think? He said that their initial goal is that culture subtitles hope to bring high quality, but with the rising awareness of copyright may, in the future they will create a American TV service platform.

in American copyright of this battle, everyone in the film the situation is not optimistic. It is reported that everyone has been vested in the United States and the United States and Shanghai Film Network Technology Co., ltd.. Chen Shaofeng, vice president of Peking University Institute of cultural and creative industries, now the video site to fight capital, compared to several large video sites are backed by group situation, all television financial support is a problem to be solved. At present, the domestic video market has been dominated by several major video sites

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