A brush list from business overdraft premium channel resources in ndia

in the capital of transfusion failure and excitement on the marketing data under attack, mobile developers are overdraft apple iOS ecosystem is the most high-quality channel resources.


App Store Chinese now this list can see?!" Mr. Ning off Hoodie, picked up the iPhone headset, a throw to the couch. In all investigated App download the object of conduct, is 40 years old but still a geek fan Ning Lang is one of the most intense reaction.

reason is very simple, although he is still working in Beijing, a well-known Internet companies, but watching the mobile Internet market fiery, he and several colleagues had the idea to join them. Hesitate to miss a year, until the middle of the year 2012 determined to come out before the study of a circle of products, step out of a foot and shrink back. "This is not our product developers have the ability to launch problems, even if you are ordinary users, see on the charts all day is junk, when several times on the loss of confidence, especially domestic online games." Ning Lang said.

from the list of migration to other channels to find App users, most will choose the application website one or two reliable, See rankings and topics, can do some of the more extreme Lang ning. He will observe several different application sites at the same time, find some common recommendation, and then through the search engine to establish trust in the apple application of radar App data such as statistical tools manual review "". Just recently, he will prepare this method simplified contribution, "it is also possible that we do recommend the application to ensure genuine goods at a fair price".

Compared with the

but also has a lot of Lang Ning, developers hold opposite views. One of its products are also involved in the brush list of product manager, told reporters that the behavior of the brush list itself is not right. In fact, "brush list developers have to draw out money to buy their own products, and give 30% apples into, out of pocket and in accordance with the rules of the apple store, what’s wrong? At the same time marketing brush list is the input-output ratio is relatively high, especially for some of the lack of concern good products, their hands not much money, it is difficult to support them to do large-scale promotion."

"of course, we are opposed to those who rely on the brush list to get the user’s behavior is very extreme inferior products, more against the use of stolen credit cards (black) to brush standings behavior." He added.

The National People’s Congress

does not exclude the brush list at someone, even someone to join the brush list business, fit to solve the network CEO Xu left the Schweitzer more "pragmatic" route, and don’t hide. He also wanted to do at the beginning of the product, you can study the promotion, to catch up with Apple’s App Store algorithm adjustment in early 2012, to overcome the technical difficulties of the brush list, which began to engage directly in the brush list business.

from India’s brush list business

so-called brush list, generally refers to

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