Tencent marketing case analysis mobile QQ against WeChat

May 28th, the media opened a big joke to the vast number of users and Tencent, the cause behind this joke is obviously the Tencent’s marketing planning team with extremely clever marketing plan, that is the mobile phone QQ against WeChat’s marketing plan, at first glance really like it, QQ will open on mobile phone function, in order to mimic the Tencent WeChat, and this is obviously the result that QQ has become extremely embarrassing, Tencent executives can not be silly to their products are PK, and let the other instant messaging products have a chance.

when people are still hot and make a few years ago Tencent charges resulting in a large number of customer churn folly, even experts dished out Tencent QQ and WeChat are two different teams to operate, for their performance at the two team scrimmage remarks, these not only let outsiders surprised, even a lot of users from the beginning of different channels to complain a lot of negative effects caused by QQ light, for example, do not know this person is in front of a computer or mobile phone for you to use QQ, which is a great test of the user’s habits.


marketing always dramatic, NetEase’s comment comes up to talk about hundreds of thousands of QQ lights up problems in a very short period of time, at this time, the Tencent official micro-blog began to clarify this completely is of concern to the media on the It is sheer fiction., Tencent’s products, the Tencent did not put up a pageantry to express their anger to the media, and even express the media vilification of Tencent, Tencent also told the media that the opposite of gratitude, from the micro-blog content, is proved by the Tencent playing Infernal Affairs, through the competition of their products, not only the QQ mobile phone marketing Tencent, and marketing of WeChat, is a stone carving of the marketing strategy.

Tencent marketing case brings us enlightenment

Tencent marketing case this time is short, but has very big effect, greatly enhance the awareness of the mobile phone QQ and WeChat, what we learned from the Tencent’s marketing strategy? I think we can from two aspects to summarize experience.

is the first to their own weaknesses and their advantages are compared, it is like a classic case of marketing in the two hotels and a hotel door, door of the hotel is very quiet, but in fact this bustling, the door of the hotel with a boss, the boss is the use of contrast effect this strong allows users to pay, the Tencent marketing is actually a comparative strategy, allowing users to understand the mobile phone QQ and WeChat, which have more understanding of these two products.

second gives us the enlightenment is the marketing idea, marketing have any ideas, you may do a year marketing solutions for hundreds of times, perhaps as long as another creative marketing then play the effect completely over the other 99 times, of course, the new plan is not easy, but also by constantly sum up to get the Tencent QQ mobile phone marketing case this is actually many times compared.

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