Micro-blog marketing into the closed loop Era

xinhuanet.com April 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhou Wenlin) in the micro-blog one-stop shopping is no longer far away, in the open online and offline has become the core strategy many Internet companies are also in the closed loop action micro-blog marketing speed.

April 1st morning Meizu completed the first social platform flash purchase, 8 minutes Meizu MX3 2099 units were sold, sales of more than 5 million yuan. Prior to March 26th, Meizu Sina in micro-blog launched the purchase of flash booking page. Prior to the official start of the purchase, close to 70 thousand users completed an appointment.

Compared to similar

cooperation with sina before micro-blog and millet, music etc., this activity further optimization of the mobile end user experience, browsing, ordering and payment process can be completed in micro-blog, users can use micro-blog to pay panic buying fast buy.

such activities clearly bring a win-win situation. Meizu can quickly reach the target user, you can also make an appointment on micro-blog, the user to purchase customer relationship management, improve follow-up services.

and Sina, it is further to achieve the full open up micro-blog marketing, which is essential. Since the beginning of the cooperation with Alipay launched micro-blog Sina micro-blog after payment, enhanced critical paid links for the closed-loop marketing". The cooperation with Meizu, once again run through the micro-blog browse – interest – Single – payment – sharing of the closed loop. There are views that, from the initial forwarding lottery, Meizu flash purchase mode, you can see micro-blog marketing will enter the closed loop era.

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