Taobao mall online supermarket or enable independent domain name operation

October 19th, sources said, Taobao supermarket will operate independently of the Taobao mall, and enable the new domain name The domain name is temporarily unavailable, Taobao declined comment.


it is understood that the domain has been acquisition in the day before, the amount of temporarily unaware.

October 18th, Taobao mall confirmed that Taobao is holding investment activities in Shanghai, invited to participate in all the businesses involved in the supermarket retail industry, the event is intended to build an online supermarket. At present, shop No. 1, after special grade online supermarket is taken by the vertical B2C model, equivalent to their own stock to sell, also need to build independent trading system. Taobao mall, said the online supermarket platform will continue to operate for businesses to build supply chain and trading system. (end)

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