Double 11 electricity supplier APP data the winner is not Tmall

recently, Tencent released the application treasure "double 11" marketing during the major electricity supplier APP big data, with a unique perspective of mobile terminal client downloads, according to this "double 11" winner in the marketing of mobile providers this strategy on the road. The industry believes that the success or failure of the mobile electricity supplier strategy will determine the next three years, the electricity supplier industry pattern, is more valuable than the record breaking volume.

application treasure data show that, despite the "double 11" is the Tmall Festival, but Taobao mobile phone is marketing Jingdong, turn from a guest into a host; but not the bidding moves frequently can boost sales; old giant Gome mobile providers in the road show decline, the decline in the growth rate; and when the giants are still kept busy, don’t be that is in the mobile providers on the road running in……

Taobao, Gome online turn from a guest into a host to fall

Figure 1: the application of treasure platform mainstream electricity supplier APP total number of new users (October 12th to November 10th)

Tencent from October 12th (the same day, the application of treasure Ali announced the official launch of the double 11) to November 9th (11 on the eve of hand chop party preparation is completed, compare the selection of Tmall), Jingdong,, Amazon, Gome online, mobile phone Taobao, Dangdang, shop No. 1, 9 appliance business platform. In terms of the amount of new downloads, mobile phone Taobao to the absolute advantage in the first place, its new download is 9 times the same period Tmall data. Visible in the mobile terminal market, users in "double 11" still look for the mobile phone Taobao, Tmall and occupy the home court advantage is very embarrassing. At the same time, black identity ranked second, followed by Jingdong, Tmall and

Figure 2: application treasure platform mainstream electricity supplier APP double in January before the new user growth rate of


and the growth rate in the monthly new users, shop No. 1, Jingdong,, and Tmall occupy the top five camp, Jingdong,, Tmall as a "double 11" of the main manufacturers, the new users increased significantly. Gome online accidentally upset, even lower than the same period in September the new data users in the statistical period, known as the "ancestor" of price war, the United States in the "double 11" the transcript is not convincing.


"poultry" God reply was strongest marketing

Figure 3: the application of treasure platform Tmall APP double 11 new user profile

by Tmall APP "double 11" on the eve of new users in the application of treasure platform distribution curve analysis, new users reached peak in October 17th, October 22nd, November 6th for three days, followed by the corresponding Tmall to start the "double 11 Carnival" and expose the "double 11" party details, Tmall announced the "double 11" strategy and Tmall responded Jingdong reported four events.

it’s interesting to note that Tmall

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