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e-commerce market in 2011. The conclusion is too busy but. Entrepreneurs to die in the market, but fast enough to add firewood burning beside investors. Miracles soaring a few years ago, have now been questioned. "Big brother" go down, began to profit distress, e-commerce business return essence, which is rational and inevitable correction.

said the burn electricity supplier, but where’s the money? In recent years China B2C e-commerce promotion cost is high, early also had put a piece of money in advertising can earn 20 yuan back to the golden age, and the ratio of input and output was below 1. Rising media costs, of course, is caused by competition, but the underlying reason behind it is a dishonest society is paying a huge price.

friends living in the overseas may have experienced the convenience of online shopping. The selection of goods, orders, payment time out of credit card, enter personal data, card number, expiration date, authentication code at most and CVV2 codes such as (credit card behind the signature strip on the end of three, after the code) waiting for delivery. However, such a process, it is much more difficult in china.

first of all, in many cases, the use of credit card online payment must be pre opened online trading function (for security, this feature is usually closed by default). After the opening, the transaction is limited, if you want to compare the large amount of payment, the need to apply for another increase in the amount (again, in order to secure). A lot of people because of this link, shopping to buy half of the.

in addition, the use of part of the bank’s credit card in online shopping, payment must be inserted into the U shield (USB Key) in addition to security considerations, can also prove that this is your own (U shield with electronic certificate in law, you cannot deny that this single you don’t buy this thing or for others). I’m sorry I didn’t have a U shield (for example, in the office).

U.S. and China online payment link comparison:


The payment barriers

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use the bank card (debit card) when shopping online, encountered in payment problems with not much difference between the use of credit cards. Some people will ask, the use of cash on delivery is not good. Yes, this is also the choice of more than 70% online shoppers in china. However, the electronic commerce operator does not love cash on delivery, high cost slow payment risk is high, total hope gradually pulled high proportion of online payment.

below: comparison of Amazon and Dangdang payment page



in comparison

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