Suning O2O transformation to accelerate the functionality of the store to extend the community servi

NetEase science and technology news October 20th news, Suning is accelerating the transformation of O2O, recently began to use its stores in Beijing and other resources to try to launch a community service integration platform".

according to the plan, Suning in Beijing will be part of the establishment of community "community service station", consumers can make an appointment with air conditioning, lampblack machine and other electrical appliances free cleaning and maintenance, as well as the water quality testing, free mobile phone free film services.

it is understood that the first set of pilot community service station in Beijing, Jiangsu Province, including Tongzhou, Daxing within the jurisdiction of about more than and 40 large communities.

according to the general manager of Beijing Suning Bian agricultural base in Beijing, 65 stores, Suning has been established in the city of Beijing more than and 100 service outlets, has more than 2000 front-line service personnel, including more than 200 senior technicians and 1400 senior engineer.


community service entrance, to begin to explore the line since last year and online integration development direction, the transition to O2O mode Suning meaningful — according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce responsible person, the contribution of domestic community consumption economy is less than 45%, compared to the developed countries community consumption 70% compared to the domestic economic community the huge consumption potential.

Suning most of the shops are close to large communities, in line with the most consumer first line, and now we try to extend the service radius of the store, to the community to share Suning service resources." Bian farmers said, Suning stores the function from the previous single sales oriented, comprehensive functions gradually to the sales, display, experience, service upgrade.

is an important role of Suning stores in the future, is the community service integration platform." Bian farmers said, "the establishment of community service station will also be from community service perspective to solve product experience, as well as the" last mile "problem of delivery.

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