Advertising alliance can also become the site’s own marketing tool

advertising effect as we all know, the webmaster can put on the advertising alliance on their website advertising and promotion through the search engine to get traffic and make money, also can promote your website through advertising. Advertising alliance is indeed the main source of income for small and medium. According to the latest statistics, the average income of 2000 yuan, revenue from advertising alliance of $80%. It can be said that the website to become bigger and stronger, have their own profit model and product services, to take advertising is difficult, the success is just a few of the owners, the vast majority of the webmaster is still in a groping in the transformation, the main source of income or rely on advertising alliance. Advertising alliance to bring the gospel, but also brought a lot of trouble. On the one hand can not be separated from the alliance, on the other hand, there are a lot of alliances in the amount of deduction, the lack of credibility problems. Webmaster want to choose a good alliance, and advertising alliance also continue to explore the development of their own way.

today saw a news: Tea alliance officially launched a thousand click on the value of 50 yuan. We all know that netrose, which was established in 1999, as the network literature website has 3 million a gilded signboard, currently works (articles) and a high standard of original works, more than 3 million registered users, hits more than 30 million times, is the largest network of original platform Chinese women, Chinese female reading the first brand. It should be said that netrose has developed to a high stage, for female readers of the original literature on the development of increasingly mature, steady growth in user traffic. The future development goals, should be to create a female reading gold brand, expand the influence of the original contract signed literature to attract more readers. For the future development of Hongxiutianxiang, need more marketing channels to strengthen the efforts to promote the.

Perhaps this is the establishment of

tea alliance intention. Although the official Union played under the banner is relying on the product content netrose rich and strong financial advantage, to help the website operators expand regular advertising channels, enhance the value of the site site traffic management, traffic safety into that real income. It has brought the gospel to set up tea alliance webmaster, especially some online literature, TXT novel download station, put the tea alliance advertising effect should be good. But the webmaster satisfied think the intention to set up tea alliance and other advertising alliance is not the same as the general advertising by the advertisers advertising profits, while the tea alliance is relying on the netrose website, provided by advertising is the promotion of tea Tim fragrant website, the number of website Hongxiutianxiang original literary influence and readers further improve, and then create a gold brand original literature.

the tea alliance provides the advertising business, will further promote the website Hongxiutianxiang out, the user is not just female union station, the novel station, it can be said that almost most of the site can be put netrose advertising. I believe the product relies on Hongxiutianxiang website content and capital advantage, tea alliance should allow owners to trust in the integrity. If red >

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