Combined with specific case details about the mystery of network marketing

network marketing has become a magic weapon, can help companies improve their brand awareness and sales. But many people hold a very mysterious sense of the industry, and that the IT related, is how high technology content of things. In fact, the network marketing and those IT technology does not have much to do, on the contrary, he and the traditional marketing planning are inextricably linked. Now the network marketing industry a new concept of frequent, from the earliest forum marketing, blog marketing, and later the rise of micro-blog marketing, SNS marketing, now and then to the recent rise of UEO and SMO marketing, not to mention those outsiders, is in this industry for several years and more people head. No matter what kind of new form will evolve in the future, but all the basic theory is the same, that is, the right thing to tell the people in need of the right form of the network, and then let them buy.

1 to find the target consumer group

we want to sell the goods to what kind of people this is the first step to be sure, this step in fact to do a lot of work, such as business analysis, commodity selling point positioning, consumer analysis, etc.. There are a number of specialized consulting companies, analysts and data mining companies to do these things, their analysis is quite accurate, and of course, the price is also expensive scary. The simple thing is to find out who is in need of your goods.

2 according to the target consumer groups to find appropriate publicity channels

your customers determine who you are, you can find these people often go to the network platform. Now with the Internet continues to mature, the network platform has become more and more, each platform has evolved into a kind of marketing, such as forum marketing, blog marketing, marketing quiz, audience every platform is different, you should carefully to find the platform, more segments of the turnover rate for you will be higher.

3 content formulation

target users have, publicity channels selected, then consider what kind of content to be developed, including video, pictures, music, articles, etc.. At present, the most common way is to write soft Wen, which is currently the lowest cost of the best performance of a content.

I have always thought that the essence of network marketing in the article, if you can write a good article, a variety of network marketing you basically can play. Here a good article is not the traditional sense of grace, but you can use the readers love language will imperceptibly convey their products selling point to the target user, and encourage them to take the initiative to buy.

written too theoretical, I give a simple example, one of my female friends sell man bags in Taobao, his target consumer group is mainly by 70 after 80 mainly young men, most of them are school or work on skin and heart price between 50 to 300. Consumer group

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