The quality and accomplishment of some management team


: local forum end serving? This is an issue that everyone is living in places with the main forum on this piece of land of the people, and the local forum has a close friends. To serve the people, the local forum is to serve the people.

on the two: small group phenomenon in local forums there is normal? This problem is to, if it is a professional forum, everyone like-minded, by the network developed into personal relationship is not what is not good, but the Tongxiang local forum is in nature, itself is the phenomenon of the low contention of a hundred schools of thought, small groups the flatter each other is bad, also lost a proper spirit. We present this behavior, can not be charged because someone not the same ideas and published by cliquism "".

three: how to play on the Forum Forum is? At leisure entertainment place. But people have the joy of playing, people play the criticism. Happy people thought liberation, the subject of ridicule and mind (but not malicious), in the face of praise, self deprecating face brick, struggling against. Still laughing head broken and bleeding. People play Wohuo ideological shackles. Every act and every move all consequences face criticism in praise to return the negative resistance, do super aversion shape. Feeling forum was his home, his criticism had become heterogeneous. Wake up, not your What I say goes. forum.

on the four: management team is according to individual mood work? This is absolutely intolerable, not because of personal factors, and put their anger to the majority of the members of the head. Do not think that the majority of users is a soft persimmon, the outrage committed is not good.

thinking five: how to change the current situation of the forum


recommendation 1: moderator seal need to explain, get in a controversial discussion, rather than individual from what they say, except political.

2: on activities of the organization can not open forum ID, the number of this vest will reduce the amount of love. So a convenient, vest, false prosperity.

3: more than the organization of activities, let everyone speak freely, don’t open the forum all Hello I good he or too boring. Don’t write their own, other forums to discuss is the same.

4: what is the insulting language or affect the stability and unity of the language to be re defined, not to your likes and dislikes. Should let our members involved, seeking to express personal objective, impartial advice.

5: the moderator should always keep a clear mind. For example, to see the forum of abusive, offensive language. To be good at guiding the majority of members, establish a correct outlook on life, values. Not blindly fight, insults, even the personal data published each other.

The most important point in the development of the

forum is the cultural quality of the entire management team, because they are the soul of the Forum

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