Analyze how to do network marketing better

yesterday I had a lesson with my company’s Department of Commerce, the topic is how to sell SEO. That is, network marketing (SEM)

content outline is:

A:SEO what is the origin of a:seo b:seo

B: why should companies choose the Internet – A: the characteristics of the Internet

C: why do you want to choose a SEO service – a:SEO features (automatically free to bring customers, more quickly so that visitors into customers, etc.)

B: service cycle (there are several ways)

C: cost (one-time investment effect is immediate)

D: profit empty (as long as you do not stop cooperation, the effect will always be displayed in the position you want)

D: several important data – 1, 290 million (according to the Ministry of industry data show that as of November 2008, China’s number of Internet users has reached 290 million)

2, 69.6% (up to 69.6% of people use search engines as the most important way to get information on the Internet).

3, 90% (site access to nearly 90% of traffic from search engines)

• 4, more than 80% of Internet users through search engines (Baidu, Google, Yahoo, etc.) to find and obtain their own information and information needed; (


above is only an outline…… The specific content of the speech to fill the free play……

sales, these things are said to the customer…… I don’t believe it is possible.

related text:

a, why choose the Internet

so why do customers choose the Internet?

personally, I chose the Internet because the Internet represents vitality, openness, opportunity, change, creation, wealth myth.

I feel energetic and open to myself. The mainstream of the Internet is young people, online chat, online entertainment, online games, ringtones download, all represent the vitality of the young and the passion of network life. Bt sharing, software sharing, movies in, blog, free resources represent the freedom and openness of the network.

so why does the Internet mean more opportunities, change, creativity and wealth than any other industry?

has a lot of Internet legend case (Msn, Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Yamazon to Baidu, Alibaba, Sina, Shanda, 163, QQ, every enterprise represents a successful model, every enterprise in the creation of a growth.

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