Analysis of several stages of the growth of new sites and website promotion

often have new people ask, website promotion needs several stages, each stage should do what? In this, I probably summarize, I in the actual operation of some of the division. I hope to explore with you this.

is the first internal optimization phase

we often say that content is king, I am very much agree with this. Some people think that the site to promote early, the site to do almost, you can bring a push. This idea and practice is very wrong. Internal optimization phase refers to: site planning, framework, all the pages of the formation, the site has been part of the content, the exclusion of the existing BUG, confirmed in line with the requirements of the site optimization. That is to say this whole station has been formed, does not require a major adjustment, because once the search engines are included, promotion website officially began, then the framework of regulation and adjustment, re planning, it is easy to cause the search engine K station. So at this stage, site planning, website framework, including the site’s META attribute must be fixed, you can first adjust the local environment. This stage is the main focus on how to do the site better, so that it can be included in the search engine, can be accepted by users, better improve the user experience. This phase is recommended for half a month to a month or so.

followed by the promotion preparation phase

after the last stage, the site has been basically formed, but need to be tested in the wide area, to see if there is nothing missing in the actual operation, some of the BUG will be amended. At this time, promotion personnel can be independent, do a promotion plan, and arrange for his editing according to plan do the preparatory work, such as the blog group of building, ask account set up and upgrade, the forum account group building, community building, micro-blog SNS account group account group construction, various enterprise QQ, QQ ready, soft reserve etc.. This phase is recommended for 10 days to about half a month.

is a search engine promotion stage

this stage, there is no doubt that the site has been finalized, into the formal stage of operation, but also entered the official promotion stage. The contents of the promotion stage can come in handy, soft mass, blog operation, quiz speculation, SNS community promotion, Links swap and so commonly used means can be used up, this stage is mainly for search engines, also is to give your site to bring a lot of outside the chain of high quality, soft, maybe not attract users to see but, must be able to attract search engine spiders.

the purpose of doing so is to improve the comprehensive data of the website, such as PR Alexa collected data and so on, in order to better carry out the work behind, although that is the search engine promotion, but if there is a chance, but also can do some real marketing to attract users, this stage is recommended to practice for 2 months to 3 months.

marketing is the last stage of


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