Twenty-first Century media company and former president Shen Hao crime Revelation Shanghai

on 24 December, he once wrote "there is always a force to make us burst into tears, even if the news is dead, also left countless saints and other classic statement, once a generation of people regarded as one of the China media idol…… However, he fell into the mire of crime, from the twenty-first Century media company at the helm became the defendant, solemn trial by law.

December 24th, Pudong New Area Shanghai people’s court. The court of Guangdong twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd and former president Shen Hao, forced trading and other alleged blackmail and impose exactions on series case verdict: the crime of forced transaction of the accused unit twenty-first Century media company fined 9 million 485 thousand yuan to 9 million 485 thousand yuan, the recovery of illegal; the remaining defendants unit of the series of cases were fined 30 thousand yuan to 54 million 430 thousand yuan the recovery of illegal income, 30 thousand yuan to 54 million 430 thousand yuan; the crime of forced transaction crime, blackmail and impose exactions on such punishment, the former president of the media company Shen Hao twenty-first Century sentenced to four years imprisonment, fined 60 thousand yuan; the remaining defendants in series cases respectively at six months a year in prison until ten years and six months.

accused unit litigation representative and the vast majority of the defendant Shen Hao said the decision to obey, not to appeal.

after the trial, the defendant sat on the bench Shen Hao always clutching a stack of paper – this is a confession. In the final stage of the statement, Shen Hao faced the court, read for 13 minutes, several degrees sob and a deep bow to apologize, pleaded guilty to repentance.

people from the media to the operator, and marketing "firewall" the gradual collapse of

"I first table of three states, first, to the public prosecutor to prosecute crime facts and evidence, I have no objection to second charges; unit crime, I, as president of the company, the leadership responsibility, I am willing to bear the legal responsibility; third, to me because of the unit crime victims apology enterprises." Shen Hao in the court says.

The case involves

twenty-first Century media company’s "twenty-first Century economic report", twenty-first Century, the "financial weekly" and other 3 media, twenty-first Century Shanghai Advertising Co. Ltd and Shanghai twenty-first Century information technology services company 7 advertising, operating companies, and 30 related personnel. In addition to the Chen Dongyang company president Shen Hao, vice president, also includes the "twenty-first Century economic report" editor Liu Hui, President of the network, "twenty-first Century twenty-first Century economic report" Deputy Editor Liu winter twenty-first Century, deputy general manager of network editor Zhou Bin, twenty-first Century network general manager Kou Yuqing, twenty-first Century net Mo Baoquan, the "financial weekly" issuer summer, the total Manager Mei Bo, editor of Luo Guanghui et al.

before the incident in September 2014, in twenty-first Century, the media company in the field of financial news tremendous influence in the industry has a pivotal position, its entrepreneurial history has also been praised.

January 2001, the "twenty-first Century economic report" was founded, this is a "

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