Stationmaster net broadcast Ma came forward to break down the taxi wars burn deadlock

1 Ma came forward to break the deadlock for taxi wars burn near the end of

since the beginning of 2014, didi and quick taxi taxi burn war has been a stalemate, both sides take turns to enhance subsidies tug of war, people are watching this war will end. With the recent chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun’s appeal, the war was finally corpuscles signs.

mobile payment to complete the goal of promoting the two or three line of the city market

recently, Ma Yun between get together in the issue of emotion, tells his mother would not use a taxi software, on the side of the road has not hit the car, this competition is deeply hurt the interests of users, especially the elderly interests of the child. Ma Yun said, this thing really have to seriously think about and treat. Friends of the taxi software, how long do you want to play ah, it is recommended that you sit down and drink a cup of tea, to discuss the next step how to do more wisdom. Competition must not hurt others."

2 and a bitcoin site was forced to close the stolen value of more than $600 thousand  

Beijing time on March 4th evening news, bitcoin banking services Flexcoin lost 896 bitcoins in an attack on Sunday, worth about 365 thousand pounds (about $610 thousand). The company admits that there is not enough money to deal with this loss, so it will be forced to close.

Flexcoin has been shut down, and issued a statement on Tuesday morning, to explain the loss. The statement said: in March 2, 2014, Flexcoin suffered attacks, and wallet (hot) in all bitcoins stolen an empty. Since Flexcoin does not have the resources and assets to deal with this loss, we will close immediately."

3 WeChat open payment interface: the rate of 0.6% lower than the Alipay 20 thousand  


March 5th news, yesterday evening, WeChat officially announced earlier still in the beta phase of WeChat payment interface, now on WeChat certified service number fully open. Businesses need to apply for WeChat payment interface, first of all need to apply for a service number, and in the application of WeChat certification, signed a contract and pay a deposit, apply for the entire network release, you can open the WeChat payment capacity.

WeChat payment application process

At present, WeChat

payment determine for integrated mall, clothing shoes, bags, outdoor sports, beauty supplies, home textile, automobile and accessories, digital home appliances, books and other mother, about 10 large categories open WeChat payment application. WeChat’s first open to a relatively mature industry, the follow-up will be based on the operation of the platform to consider the gradual opening up to other industries. It is worth noting that local life service businesses have been popular in the WeChat open does not pay for the category.


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