WeChat public number is frozen to touch the official bottom line

A week before the

, the official WeChat carried out to rectify the public number, resulting in a large number of micro signal called "disinformation" by Feng Ting, just one week a month is serious or permanent title. This is for our grassroots vulnerable, we grassroots operators is the main source of income of our WeChat, this closure leads directly to our source of life is not, it is only drink the northwest wind.

this title is mainly aimed at the rumors, not what porn like. Specific reasons and contents of the so-called rumors as follows:







for us, we always take WeChat as the core work and our source of life, for the title, I think this is a problem we all worried, maybe one day you will be disabled by WeChat. Especially the closure once, we have become very cautious.

our content has been reported not only because of the content of our problems, but also because of the problem of our fans, this is mainly related to the rise of our powder. We will also encounter such a situation, that is, our content is malicious reports, you may push eight messages that day, then it may be a few minutes time, all of your eight messages were deleted.

so for those we can grasp the contents of the report is not illegal to delete deleted, then we can go to the complaint, so that the 90% is able to appeal back, as shown in Figure:


I day, for such content will be sealed, I really have no language, think this may be involved in the political aspects of it. But this content is indeed the voice of our people. For this content, there is no appeal to come back, because now the search has not been able to search for such content, then it led to our complaint material can not find. If we just fans can not see, but we can find the operators in the background, so I think it is more convenient for our successful appeal. You have to delete the contents of me, I also provide materials from where ah.

and our number is sealed, but we have not really to think seriously, why should we be closed, what are the reasons for the closure? WeChat official, did not put us on, if we put a corner of it, so many people are in this the platform could not stay, then this will lead to the WeChat platform will die in a short time. >

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