7 ways to increase website repeat customers

you have set up a website. Very good! The next question is: how to make a return visit after attracting visitors’ attention?

of course, you do not want every visitor will come back, but hope that customers and potential customers can visit. So, unless your site is aimed at game users, please give up the idea of free games on the web. Articles and other content posted on the website should be consistent, they are the most interesting and vivid. Unique online content will also attract visitors to the site through search engines.

is the seven way to attract customers to visit your site.

1 offers short-term benefits.

Internet users like cheap goods, this is a good way to attract attention. Use short-term sales to stimulate people’s desire for consumption, if the time is too long, the user may give up buying. Let the user know that the specials are always changing, so that they can be encouraged to visit your website regularly. Concessions are also innovative, for example, consider the distribution of free gifts rather than direct discounts.

ride 2 to catch the trend.

Internet users often access the Internet, is the news that they are interested in popular information. It may be a good way to attract customers to visit your site by building a connection with the hot news. This is a strategy commonly used by public relations companies, and the same applies to you. For example, after the country’s tax policy changes, you can ask an accountant to write an article on your site to analyze the impact of new policies on your customers and their local businesses. Please note: follow the hot news must be extra careful.

3 update information regularly.

network users to return a few changes to what the website? So please make your website information up-to-date you, it will make visitors feel your company to follow the trend of the times, but also to the responsible business.

4 games and events.

this is a very good way for visitors to be curious and excited about your site. Provide feedback to the user so that your results can be used as a field study. Bonus is not too high, but should cause the target user market interest. Another advantage is that when a new participant participates in the competition you are in, you can ask if you need any other information or information from the company. Note: for legal purposes, please be sure to follow the rules and regulations of the online competition.

5 send email.

this kind of commonly used promotion strategy is extremely effective. Do not expect to build a mailing list consisting of thousands of subscribers, but should focus on building a list of high-quality target users. When sending an e-mail message, the content should be as short as possible and should have more information. Promotion is useful, but don’t rely too much on it. >

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