Do you really know from the media Talking about the key points and analysis of media marketing

from the media’s ability to spread and promote the effect is obvious to all. I have a lot of friends from the media to do marketing, some of them are in for some operations, some people are doing, everyone’s mode of operation is different, the problems are not the same, the final marketing effect is not the same.

but whether it is an individual or organization, regardless of what is the main body of marketing, in doing media marketing, the direction must be selected. To this end, we must grasp the following points.

enhanced user stickiness

so-called user stickiness refers to retain users, allowing users to operate on your own media to produce a dependency, to achieve a state of loyalty.

if you opened a clothing store, in order to make a stable customer base in the store, you may take some measures and some old customers to establish a good relationship, such as sending customers some small gifts, telling customers washing methods. In this way, you and the customer will establish a relationship between the commodity trading outside the relationship, when customers need to buy clothes, will naturally think of you. Some stores will also launch a number of discount activities, some supermarkets even every week will launch a discounted merchandise, which attracted some consumers go shopping every day. These practices are designed to improve customer stickiness.

improve user stickiness is one of the key points from the media operations. Just like to open a clothing store, supermarket, so that customers always pay attention to your own media, and even let him think about every day, waiting for you to release information, so that you can play the strongest media from the marketing effect.

in addition, the development of customer stickiness can also make your fans more stable. I have a friend WeChat when the enterprise managers, every day he will release some advanced ideas on business management and information, probably because we are peer relationship, I pay much attention to the content of each WeChat released him. Every time you open the WeChat, as long as he released the content, I will carefully read the time when will naturally give him a like". Although he began to take the initiative to pay attention to me, but later to pay attention to his WeChat has become a habit of mine. From an interactive point of view, he is my user, I am his user.

no doubt, his WeChat has done very well, because he let me have a viscosity of his WeChat. Of course, the user needs to cultivate a certain time, the number of users and can not explain the user stickiness on the big. Therefore, we have to do a protracted war preparation, bit by bit to develop user stickiness.

low profile

everyone can build from the media, which means that information may flood. In the mass of information, people choose to information will be more independent, so from the media operators to put a low profile, otherwise it will lose some customers.

is like the interpersonal communication in our daily life. If your behavior is very arrogant, the distance between them will be more and more distant

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