Psychological marketing how to let users happy to pay.

There is a big characteristic of

women in the economy, the price is not low enough to sell, nor expensive will be liked, on the contrary, as long as your good things a discount, relatively cheap, the sales Baozhun Cengceng rub up.

why? The weaknesses of human nature. Therefore, the good marketing people, psychological ability to use will be stronger than others.

how to make users happy to dig out?


first, grasp the user "cheap" rather than "cheap" psychological

buy a high-end brand of skin care products, the first 30 minutes of the highest consumer can get a iPhone mobile phone; buy a high-end brand of skin care products, all buyers can get a cosmetic bag.

what would you choose? Choose the first deals for a person not less, it is random charm, are also more likely to raise the participation of users.

know how to do marketing people will know the best combination of random and time.

second, with love to catch the user’s psychological

There is a kind of habit is

a lot of people, when accepting a strange brand, more and more people are more able to attract new users to come to, is probably more people choose not bad psychology at work, so marketers can take psychology to create a "full of guests." in order to stimulate consumer.

, for example, recently very popular red anchor occupation on the road network, featuring a new anchor, there are always set the "zombie fans" in the room to move.

third, do obsessive-compulsive disorder ambush

freemium marketing strategy most often appear in the game promotion, such a way is to talk about fees by using a low threshold to attract users, interested in the user, there is a kind of psychological tactics, must complete the game using the psychological users, such as you have already completed 19 free points, the last remaining one need to pay 10 yuan, you will want to pay

finish it?


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