07 years to write but did not adopt the plan similar to Ali’s mother model

an overview

advertising alliance is a collection of Web sites, advertising for advertisers online advertising platform.

1 it is understood that in 2006, before moving to rectify the SP industry in mid, SP revenue has been an important source of income for domestic web sites and small sites. In addition, Taobao and eBay eBay advertising, it is another major revenue.

2 Taobao eBay both cut advertising new employer website alliance and small sites looking for

3 recently, Jiangnanchun heavily in the acquisition of Internet advertising platform good, Google to $3 billion 100 million acquisition of DoubleClick advertising trading company, has caused widespread concern in the industry. With the value of the Internet advertisers gradually found that the value of the advertising platform will be further improved.

4 in Beijing on May 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, on Monday, YAHOO announced that the United States online advertising trading platform provider Right Media full close to the arm, optimistic about the business of YAHOO co-founder Yang Zhiyuan said on Wednesday that the Alibaba will also recommend CEO Ma set up similar trading platform in Chinese.

from the above four news can be seen at this time cut into the advertising alliance is a good time, but also a big challenge.

two, market analysis


according to iResearch survey data show that China’s online marketing market size exceeded 6 billion yuan mark, an increase of more than 2005, of which 44% yuan of online advertising, search engines accounted for $1 billion 350 million. By the 2008 Olympic Games factors, iResearch believes that 2008 Chinese network marketing market scale will continue rapid development, is expected in 2008 Chinese network marketing market will exceed 13 billion; to 2010, the scale of Chinese network marketing market is expected to reach 23 billion yuan.

in such a good prospect, the emergence of a large number of Internet advertising alliance, there are nearly a hundred outstanding. The service is also emerge in an endless stream pop billing, billing, click number, according to the number that billing, billing by the effect. Even so ad providers and site owners are not satisfied with this situation, advertisers complained of false hits (cheating) ran out of money too much, the effect is not good. Webmaster complain that the price is too low (click fees generally: 10 yuan /1000ip), advertising alliance (the title is too strict in order to prevent cheating, union to safeguard the interests of customers fengdiao abnormal data website), too many crooks Alliance (generally weak alliance will make income to be paid a Commission website, excuse letter station).

this leads to:

1 advertisers don’t want to advertise in the league.


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