Millet micro-blog and other high priced domain name behind the motives


domain name as the Internet Co’s most important identity, the purchase price of the new domain of Internet Co, except for more attention, sometimes more is enterprise development to a certain stage of the necessary measures.

recently, millet company spent 22 million to buy a new domain name, received widespread media attention, removing exclaimed prohibitive price, questioning its voice of speculation is rife. Recall the years of astronomical events emerge in an endless stream domain name, whether it is the 37 game at the beginning of this year, the game industry at a cost of $2 million 100 thousand to buy, or earlier and other similar events, once triggered speculation. Why Internet Co for the domain name has almost paranoid keen it?

domain name as the most important identity Internet Co, affecting the visibility of a Internet Co, such as an important indicator of the trial rate. The purchase price of the new domain of Internet Co, more attention than with a staggering amount of win, sometimes more is enterprise development to a certain stage of the necessary measures.

Sina micro-blog acquisition of domain name, for listing or hype?

in early 2010 Sina announced a high-profile purchase of, the industry was generally considered to be an event of speculation, but in 2010 four before and after that time, micro-blog in China while Sina has already occupied the leading position, but the Tencent micro-blog also with its strong entrance tight bite by Sina to replace, is the necessary measures to deal with the Tencent the force of micro-blog. Although in recent years, Sina micro-blog’s activity has been great as before, but the acquisition of domain name has established the "genuine micro-blog" an important step, accelerate the split Sina micro-blog listed, significant effect. Look at sina before micro-blog "foe", in addition to the Tencent micro-blog can barely through its large user base, struggling to maintain second place, the Sohu and the NetEase micro-blog already disappeared.

acquisition of Jingdong JD.COM,

to do the wedding dress for others

Jingdong 2013, officially put into use Jingdong before the domain name is, it can be said for an electricity supplier, is slightly inappropriate. First of all, 360buy does not meet the Chinese domain name input habits, digital + English hard to remember. Secondly, before and after 2006, there have been a lot of small domestic shopping sites also with the wind Jingdong, set a large number of digital +buy domain name, is likely to lead to confusion among consumers. The last point is: born in 360, many consumers mistakenly believe that 360buy is a subsidiary of 360 platform, Jingdong accidentally made a wedding dress for others". And in 2013 after the replacement of the domain name, more direct, easy to remember the domain name also help Jingdong to consolidate its own advantages.

seek new overseas development, 37 games to Wan buy>

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