From the observation of the Taobao Village the nternet or save the local society


I world network operators "Internet economy", and two yuan to differentiate what is meant? Whether the rural social structure, cultural factors will inevitably become the development of the market economy, the adoption of the new technology? The process of urbanization, the market, the "local society" is not necessarily "occupied" and is lost? The United States Department of politics at Stanford University, Dr. Liu Lizhi believes that the Internet or to save local society.

Wen / Liu Lizhi (Department of political science, Stanford University,)


this spring, Dr. Wang Leiguang a note to touched a lot of people. More and more rural areas, human knowledge Guadan, more able to tear in two yuan in urban and rural areas like can’t be restrained.

notes to the audience, critics also have. Critics said, "Dr. Wang laments that he is worse than before" beautify the home of the "past", and the essence of traditional local society, low liquidity, high homogeneity, the traditional patriarchal clan may be a poor and backward, not worthy of nostalgia.

but even critics also believe that, first, in the city of siphon, rural areas will continue to decline, the empty nest down, this is a historical trend; second, now under the market economy, the local social order "by the one in the original social conditions to ensure the survival of the people cooperation way, become a hinder cooperation to survive the problems in the larger society" (Zhu Suli language), it is not conducive to the market expansion, only gradually disintegrated when market forces.

this person who does not fall, the conclusion, two years ago, I also firmly believe that not to mention, not to mention, from the parents learned that the evolution of the home, but also generally confirms this statement. But in the past year, I have gone through part of the village, five Chinese Province I see, at least in those places, rural areas with a completely different form, exciting in the growth of young migrant workers return, the actual income increased, the villagers disputes declined, consumer welfare rose. What is more surprising is that the rural people who are considered "conservative" – in the past, have argued that the meagre income of farmers has tended to be "risk minimization" rather than "maximizing returns". This is the identity change of blowout, the first to eat crab, a year later, the village appeared hundreds of entrepreneurs, and soon, the surrounding villages have been driven. This is based on the local entrepreneurship, but it is the tide of the Internet linked.

I have been to the village, is the so-called "Taobao village". According to the official definition of Ali Institute, if more than 10% of the population of a natural village engaged in network sales, annual sales of more than 10 million yuan, can be called "Taobao village". By the end of 2013, the country was found only 20 Taobao village, by the end of 2014 has become the 212. Even in those who have not developed the network of villages, farmers is the rapid development of online shopping. Especially those who do not seem to be associated with the network, uncle, aunt, once started online shopping >

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