A5 webmaster network third Taobao SEO training courses began to accept the application

Taobao search ranking optimization Taobao SEO, is a core skill of Taobao shop indispensable, its definition is: through the research of Taobao search ranking rules, and in accordance with the Taobao favorite rules to optimize their baby, so let your baby more on the show in Taobao keyword search results in

!The core of

optimization techniques in the entire Taobao market does not exceed 0.1% of the seller can master the Taobao SEO, Taobao SEO once mastered optimization skills, can save tens of thousands of shops every year or even hundreds of thousands of advertising expenses. More important is the store traffic is free, passive, accurate.

training features:

1, zero basis to start training Taobao SEO, we put the simple rules of the complex Taobao SEO into everyone can understand the primary tutorial

2, precise positioning flow Taobao shop traffic quality, you spend time in the promotion of effective promotion of 80%

3, learning plan + text + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

4, the Internet is currently the only system of Taobao SEO training tutorials, let you walk in front of the 6 million Taobao sellers, quickly multiply your store traffic

5, tuition of $580, online learning, work two.

6, as long as the application, until the Institute, only a tuition fee.

7, online video +qq group training guidance for the last 1 months, so that students learn more convenient.

8, A5 webmaster network reputation, quality assurance, not satisfied with the study can apply for a full refund.

For the crowd: Taobao

sellers, store traffic scarce, day and night promotion around the store Taobao novice seller

graduation level: can easily tap tens of thousands of keywords, and through the selection of the filter for their baby the most effective keywords, the rapid increase in store traffic doubled store sales!

lecturer introduction:

music to see life: the current electricity supplier company, a director of operations, better than electricity supplier integrated marketing, Taobao SEO has in-depth research and practical experience.

class: online video tutorials + learning questions

fee: 580 yuan (payment www.admin5.com/bank), registration time for the December 3rd -12 month 17 days, starting time of  

in December 17th;

(25 students in this period in accordance with the registration order, full of people. Once again: not satisfied with the lecture can apply for a full refund within 3 days (


registration consulting qq:8561289; 886128 telephone 0516-83798263; 4>

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