6000 can get the CES show can really send Chinese companies on the international stage

with blanket stars go back to that International Film Festival red carpet to set foot on the international stage, more and more Chinese company also learned to rent a 6000 yuan, 3 square meters booth at CES to pretend to be internationally recognized.

cheap things always in the same China 10493, CES.

when you walk in the forefront of CES technology used to represent the exhibition, you will find that nearly half of the people are Asian faces. At 11 in the evening, not far away from the exhibition hall at the entrance of the Chinese restaurant still lined up for more than half an hour waiting for a meal. If your mobile phone suddenly no electricity, speaking Chinese you can find a good place in the corners where China startups low-priced to sell you a charging line, and free to accompany you to chat.

"tired and boring." A Chinese exhibitor who sold me a charging line complained to me. At the age of 20, she was well groomed, in stark contrast to the rest of the tech world.


feel tired a good boring" is probably the most CES to report Chinese, even if their circle of friends is "Wow, CES is cool" the illusion.

it is clear that more and more people are beginning to complain that this once represents the frontier of science and technology, but now it has become a little cheap exhibition.

was originally thought to be the company’s reimbursement of free travel abroad." With the girl I complained, "it is actually cold-shouldered every day."

"cold-shouldered" is a seemingly lively exhibition in many Chinese the best portrayal of – 1000 dollars (about 6800 yuan) to rent a small corner of the smallest less than 3 square meters of the cubicle, with a few advertising paper over the white walls, a few Walmart bought the cheapest table and chairs and two or three first motivated, behind Ge Youtan’s collective staff is a small China exhibitors standard.

In addition to the

standard, China small companies are also very easy from the top of the booth by a recognized brand of eye.

"I don’t understand why Shenzhen companies like to write their own cities as their company names on the board." In this with me visiting the exhibition in the eyes of all foreign buddy name "Shenzhen" is not much different from what, and leave what impression.


I set up the site in the official website of Westgate CES, and then the name of the booth keyword Shenzhen search, found in the same building in the eyes of foreigners in the name of the company looks like up to 169.


according to the data provided by the official CES, in the four day of the consumer electronics show, the country in the country to mark the trademark exhibitors >

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