See the value of the new top-level domain name from the DN list champion

renamed China ( November 20th news, the latest DN list, the new generic top-level domain for $35000, about 214 thousand yuan price to win the title list. has the meaning of "world real estate", of which.Estate is "real estate" means. Such.Estate suffix of the new top-level domain of the market is still good, like the previous July overseas shoot the luxury real estate, Luxury.Estate, the auction price of about 310 thousand yuan. Apple Corp has always focused on the protection of brand names, has registered protection domain name and

major terminals for the protection of their own brand domain names have also applied to protect a lot of new top-level domain names, such as BMW’s.BMW and.MINI and other new top-level domain name. Google and Amazon to say nothing of, not long ago, Amazon won the high price dominate the book industry.Book new top-level domain name.

Chinese Internet giant for new top-level domain name can not be underestimated, such as China help Baidu to apply for ".Baidu", to help Qihoo 360 to apply for ".Xihuan" (love), ".Shouji" (mobile phone), ".Anquan" (safety), ".Yun" (cloud), help Sina to apply for ".Weibo", "micro-blog." and ".Sina" as a new top-level domain.

however, in the face of the emerging new top-level domain, and how to choose the domain name investors? You know, has investment value and not every suffix, registered domain name investors in the choice of new top-level domain, the potential value of the first analysis of suffixes should, if there are potential users, and whether there is a corresponding terminal other factors.

Baidu, Sina, Google and other large enterprises, the development prospects of the application of the new top-level domain will be relatively good. After all, the maximum value of the domain name is used, but for some there is no value, no terminal support, simply commercial speculation the new suffix must not go too far, suggest that investors should think carefully and calmly in the choice of investment and registered the domain name.

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