The most potential for the growth of 5 multinational enterprise platform

from 2015, the first year of cross-border electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier has been developed for more than a year. From the Warring States period to the contention of a hundred schools of thought has gradually emerged some oligarchs. The cross-border electricity supplier market? How far into the development of the Ministry of Commerce? A description of "according to the Ministry of Commerce estimates, in 2013 the scale of China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions is expected to exceed 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, in 2016 will grow to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, in 2017 is expected to increase to 8 trillion yuan, the average annual growth rate of nearly 30%." If according to the theoretical value of the industry’s first market share of about 20% to calculate, it also shows that in 2017 the cross-border electricity supplier may breed a super large enterprise of 1 trillion and 600 billion. Even if there is a deviation from the theoretical value, there will be many billions or even hundreds of billions of enterprises. A cross-border electricity supplier.

cross-border electricity supplier business is divided into two main parts: B2B and B2C; B2B refers to the business of trade between enterprises, its gold content will be lower, as long as the purchase of large, low prices can get orders. B2C refers to the individual client platform, this requirement will be high very much, because the individual customer needs a lot of completely inconsistent, each consumer psychology and demand, growth environment, consumption ability are not the same, brand, price, customer service, service description, experience requirements for businesses are very high. Today, we focus on inventory in 2016 the most promising development and the future is expected to become a billion B2C cross-border electricity supplier platform.

2016 cross-border electricity supplier B2C platform ranked TOP5, so far there is no one can put a few other far behind. 5 platforms are very promising in the next two years to grow into more than 10 billion enterprises.

koala sea purchase


selected reasons: rich financial rich two generation

NetEase’s cross-border electricity supplier platform, from a birth has a strong capital. All proprietary way, but also reflects the self willed side of wealth. Ding Lei repeatedly for its platform, enough to express the value of the project. Through the massive user portal, NetEase 163, 126 mailboxes for koala diversion, awesome is cross-border platform version of the nouveau riche. With all the success of the company should have everything, it is talent, capital, flow, supply is not missing the perfect company.

may encounter the bottleneck

1, koala gold is only the group’s subsidiary companies, all are appointed. Their own business and to work is completely two concepts. Just as Sun Wukong havoc in heaven, and take fine road playing fairy but nevertheless? This is the difference between work and their own business.

2, all the goods are not self platform ecosystem, NetEase in the early stage of strong capital will not have much problem. But to reach ten billion, only the monthly purchase of goods turnover funds may be dragged across the enterprise.

if you can motivate employees well

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