Guo Tao the bottleneck of the development of B2B E-commerce

after more than and 10 years of development, China B2B e-commerce market has been through the initial stage of development, and gradually to the development of more rapid and diversified direction, the increasing number of B2B e-commerce business model is becoming more and more diversified. However, it is undeniable that the market still exists many problems, the author visited a number of e-commerce core enterprise, combined with industry research, summed up the existing Chinese B2B e-commerce problems.

China B2B e-commerce infrastructure is not perfect

B2B e-commerce in order to achieve considerable development, the necessary infrastructure must be improved, including social infrastructure and key sectors of the technical environment. It is necessary for the government to promote the active participation of enterprises, to have a sound information infrastructure, the need to establish the necessary laws and regulations and technical standards. The relevant laws and regulations and the system is not perfect, because electronic commerce is a kind of "new trade paperless", it will need to have specific regulations to regulate, to ensure the development of this emerging trade mode of e-commerce in accordance with its own laws, safety and health.

is currently a lot of banks to carry out online payment, electronic wallet, digital currency, smart card and other payment methods are also in development, but there is no Chinese real credit system, so the enterprise places to open an account can not be achieved, such as China Merchants Bank online payment in the field leading enterprises is also facing network coverage dilemma, many remote areas of the enterprise to complete online transactions is not easy. Moreover, in the process of solving the B2B, the enterprise is facing a lot of operational problems, such as the bank’s letter of credit problem, the triangular debt problem, are the constraints. Around such an imperfect environment, the implementation of e-commerce business is bound to exist a series of troubles, so many companies even do e-commerce, but also in the body of the external circulation of alternative payment methods. Therefore, banking, taxation and other financial systems should create a better environment for e-commerce.

small and medium enterprises on e-commerce awareness is still shallow

China in B2B e-commerce market, the biggest problem is the small and medium-sized enterprise awareness of e-commerce is very low, only 42.6% of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the use of e-commerce services, great development space. Although the impact of the financial crisis, some small and medium enterprises began to realize the benefits of electronic commerce, and began to try to use e-commerce services, but now most of the small and medium-sized enterprises are still in wait-and-see state, the awareness of e-commerce is still shallow. Therefore, the government and enterprises need to do market development work, strengthen propaganda, good corporate consciousness in e-commerce guidance, training, enhance their confidence in e-commerce, bring more orders to the small and medium sized enterprises.

SMEs lack of e-commerce talent

at present, China’s e-commerce industry is the lack of experience of e-commerce talent, especially SMEs in attracting talent has a lot of obstacles. Electric.

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