Taobao really do not look very beautiful off a short duration of time

do not know when to start, large and small sites have to put some of their products on the page Taobao. But in recent months, Taobao fired off is many webmaster discarded drifting profusely and disorderly, the work at hand, like a swarm of bees flooded into the mom. Taobao customer seems to have become an attractive gold, as long as the bend will be able to pick up the windfall, but the fact is it really


I started a month ago to study Taobao customers, through continuous analysis of learning, I found that the use of SEO to do a single product is a good choice. So after nearly a week looking for comparison, I finally locked a quite market products, and began to plan to do. Because some of the SEO before the resources, so the station in a month’s time, the main words into the top ten Baidu. Although the flow, but the effect is not good.

in accordance with the analysis of some of the webmaster, if the use of SEO to do, then get pure directional flow, and the flow rate is very high, the average can be traded on a single 20IP. According to popular products every single commission a few yuan to count, even every day only sell one, the monthly income can reach about 1000.

Although these data

works in theory, but the actual situation is very bad, the following is the author of today’s data station.


from this screenshot can be seen, the flow of the site from Baidu, can be said to be pure directional visitors. But I am very honest to tell you that this site has been collected since Baidu, although now every day there are dozens of IP, but did not earn a penny. I also analyzed the reasons, began to think that the site’s guidance is not enough, so do a lot of changes. But in some Adsense exchange after the discovery of many people Taobao guest income is not very optimistic, then I can understand that want to let customers obediently pocket is not as simple as imagined, using Taobao money off can not talk.

now, Taobao customers just looks beautiful, but really want to do well the project is not a short duration of time. We only have to integrate a variety of resources and adhere to the promotion, can be dug up the gold here has fascinated.

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