.mobi China’s closing ceremony

title seems radical.

, but personally think that before the news reports of the ".Mobi" management mechanism of all domain inventory for some China rice farmers do not eat.

in China’s current environment, ".Mobi" does not seem to have any function than other types of domain names. Chinese 3G slow, also makes the ".Mobi" in the special domain name Chinese currently can only become a difference with the international top-level domain name and China top-level domain name, ".Mobi" represents the mandatory technical standards can not be realized. China’s current environment is only a beautiful dream.

".Mobi" management committee does not understand China, not familiar with China’s current environment.

apply to the wisdom of a network of words: ".Mobi" abandoned China, of course, China can not it.

in Chinese who in the use of ".Mobi"? This question is really worth exploring, anyway, I haven’t registered, have never seen anyone using the ".Mobi" site, seen only ".Mobi" is the eleven science and technology wap.mobi. That’s been financing WAP Portal be established.


personally think that this eleven technology use.Mobi is also common sense:


, WAP is a moabc portal, the development of ".Mobi" behoove, hit the market for big have the opportunity to develop their own.

second, look at this domain name: wap.mobi. The Internet era primezone with "www" + Chinese top-level domain and become the largest IDC Chinese. "Www" stands for the Internet, and "WAP" stands for a mobile phone network, and presumably this eleven technology is also intended to take advantage of ".Mobi" to create an "opportunity"". But this "opportunity" inevitable is based on ".Mobi" can become the basis for all mobile phone numbers on the network.

but Chinese did a lot for the ".Mobi" domain, personally believe that the application of ".Mobi" in addition to the company and hope to get minon basically there will be other applicants. That is to say, the number of applicants, the use of fewer people. After the application is also only for the disposal of a long-term investment.

A result of this

is ".Mobi" management institutions do not want to see, their ".Mobi" positioning is not investment, are not purely ".Com" to make up for the domain name, but a standard mobile phone network.

China’s mobile phone network is not mature, strictly speaking, the mobile phone network in China is still just the beginning, the development of the mobile phone network is based on the future of 3G technology. Now you can use the most can only be regarded as quasi 3G network, but the 3G is not 3G, it is not more than 3G before.

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