M business transfer ideas to pay attention to the domain name of the multi value embodiment

I never buy rice to sell, in the hands of their meters are not many, but I can visit the Admin5 domain name market transaction column, always look like and do not have their own love and the value of domain name and domain name, do not rule out some domain name is really very good, is a relatively rare domain, but more so-called the hybrid rice, rice merchants sell is called the domain name meaning, and the meaning of the domain name is far fetched, is artificially added, the length and the meaning of the domain name is the core value of the domain name, the domain name constitutes the basic framework of value, but many have ignored the multiple meters which reflect the value of the domain name. Multi value refers to the specific domain name: PR value and reverse link.

rice, a lot of people know, but the real thing is to do is too little, because the rice business does not value the value of the domain name, just staring at the meaning of the domain name to do the article. For example, I have a domain name: guanqie.net this domain name is "concerned" in pinyin, the website can do a lot of direction, is a good course, if it is com meters, the better, if the rice merchants registered stood, waiting for people to buy such a domain name called dead meters, waiting when people buy actually can not of the domain name to add value, if the domain name registered on a shelf, waiting for people to buy, so after 2 years might be worth $100, you need to renew, but if you start to prepare some content, search engines, time point post, add external links, after 2 years of conservative estimate of PR should be able to 3, outside there will be a lot of weight, so that the domain name is what I want to do the site owners are very clear..

so for the rice merchants on hand miscellaneous meters, the best method is the cumulative weight of the domain name, domain name is the cumulative weight, with a high weight of the domain name to build a website can bring the advantage that only used to know. I have a website for 05 years is a registered domain name, the domain name is the time to do a business website, a short time before the company went bankrupt, I also use their own domain name, so just built a website, the 4 days included, IP after 15 days on the 1000. Because the domain name is PR 3, Baidu has more than 1 thousand links, the domain name weight that quack ah.

some of my experience, write out the hope that some people can use, thank you. Because I want to find such a domain name, it is too little, hey…..

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