Xiamen destroyed to collect domain name management fees in the name of fraud Gang

Xiamen police recently destroyed two false information fraud Gang, the gang posing as the Internet domain name services information center is authorized, the implementation of fraud to receive "domain management fees" to the name of the company, 10 months profit of millions of yuan.

in March 10th this year, Xiamen police received a report of a company in Zhejiang, said it had just been cheated 7000 yuan. The report said, 2 hours before the company received a phone call, the person claiming to be the Xiamen nets technology company, and inform the equipment company has expired in the online English domain name registration time, need to immediately renew, if not pay also threatened in 5 minutes, they will stop the domain name and domain name address link, this will other people will soon be re registered. The equipment company responsible for gospel truth hurried to put the money in the past, less than 5 minutes, the company received a domain name. After comparison, the company found that the company received only the domain name of the Chinese version, and the original domain name has not expired.

Xiamen police aware that this is a new type of fraud, and the establishment of the project team.

police soon found the so-called "Xiamen wanwang joint science and technology company" in a building in Xiamen Lake Road, after a long time the investigators observed that although the industrial and commercial registration of the company is essentially a "shell", did not carry out any business transaction, but the bank’s current account has been there is a amount of Bibi contacts.

after several weeks in Mopai, made a lot of evidence, police arrested Xiamen wanwang Lian technology company legal representative Leimou and other 4 suspects. According Leimou account, in May 2007, he and his partner set up a "Xiamen science and technology network company, online recruitment, training of personnel, the fraud big net into the country. Criminals lied is the domain name service Internet Information Center is authorized, call the Target Corp notice domain name expired, and ask for 1400 yuan a year of "management fees", has defrauded Beijing a pharmaceutical company, a Shenzhen equipment company, a medical device company in Yantai and other large enterprises more than 300 money, one million yuan.

at the end of March this year, Siming Branch Public Security Bureau police organization in Xiamen city of Xiamen only in network science and technology limited company "raids, was arrested on suspicion of fraud suspects Liu, Zhao and Jiang Mou 13 people, seized computer, telephone and other tools of crime from dozens of, they use the tools and means of fraud look, similar to the" Xiamen nets joint science and technology company. Police found that the only Network Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiamen fraud large companies, involving up to 48 yuan.

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