Taobao mall digital appliance Museum highlights the vertical layout of the strategic adjustment

version, renamed, "large-scale promotional activities in digital appliances brand" opening preferential season’s strong popularity, Taobao mall’s electric city is taking on a new look opened its doors. In this regard, analysts said the revision of the Taobao mall digital appliance Museum, plus the recent Taobao mall shoes on the line, which means Taobao mall vertical strategy has been fully launched.

Taobao mall start vertical strategy

analysts believe that the combination of traditional and Internet sales is represent the general trend, in the process of consumer demand has rich and diverse, many consumers have a higher demand for products and services. Therefore, similar to the digital appliance Museum, the famous shoe museum B2C platform business will become the focus of the development of Taobao mall. In this regard, Taobao said, Taobao mall this year will be the focus of the strategy as a vertical, the second half of this year will also launch several vertical mall industry.

Taobao mall gradually integrate various vertical industries, improve the service level and the consumer experience, confidence comes from the Taobao platform high growth year after year. Public data show that the number of registered users of Taobao more than 200 million last year, the amount of transactions amounted to $208 billion 300 million, accounting for more than 80% share of the domestic online shopping market. The growing number of online shoppers and a large number of veteran buyers mature, Taobao mall vertical strategy laid a good foundation.

analysis of the industry, the development of e-commerce, e-commerce must not be purely trading, but not a simple box". For the brand, small businesses to build the entire e-commerce chain, including marketing, logistics, brand building, etc., is the future of e-commerce platform should have.

electrical digital museum welcoming new look

‘s new home appliances at the mall Taobao digital museum to see, and had a different electrical city style, electrical digital museum an elegant deep blue as the main colors of the page, create a professional and reliable feeling. More importantly, the digital library services in the original Electrical City genuine protection, but also launched a 24 hour shopping guide hotline 4001-777-111.

in fact, Taobao mall formally launched a week ago, the shoe museum shows a huge difference in positioning. Shoe museum, an anti footwear market hit the season discount routine, with major brands as the main season of the new product, and provide authentic certification, the audience package, 400 hotline shopping and other services.

according to the relevant person in charge of Taobao, as the Taobao mall digital appliances Museum opened to promote the "digital appliances brand" special school season, is a continuation of the previous Electric City Classic "brand" promotional activities. The difference is that the opening of the special season promotional efforts greater, Lenovo a laptop straight down 1200 yuan, NOKIA also took out the E5 in the digital appliance Museum exclusive national debut. In addition, the event is also preparing for the upcoming school students e-books and other special products.

it is understood that the two week of July

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